Coping with Overactive Bladder

Stacy Kaiser, celebrity psychotherapist, discusses coping with medical issues such as overactive bladder (OAB).  She talks about “Coping Confessions” a new campaign sponsored by Astellas that sheds light on when coping has gone too far and is unproductive and how to take action to prevent coping from ruling our lives.

Stacy Kaiser is a licensed psychotherapist, author, relationship expert and media personality. With hundreds of television appearances on major networks including NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, HLN and FOX, Stacy has a reputation for bringing a unique mix of thoughtful and provocative insight to a wide range of topics. In addition to her numerous television appearances, her expertise and perspective have been solicited by major corporations, public institutions, government agencies, philanthropic organizations and other media outlets. She has most recently joined Live Happy magazine as their editor-at-large. As a psychotherapist on VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club,Lifetime’s DietTribe, Identification Discovery’s Fatal Vows, expert on The TODAY Show and Good Morning America, and regular guest expert on Steve Harvey and The Doctors nationally syndicated talk shows, Stacy has gained a reputation for helping people face the truth that is holding them back from leading a life filled with a generous balance of responsibility, fun and freedom.

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