CVS Health – Real World Evidence in Clinical Trials

Jill Pellegrino, Vice President of Recruitment and Real World Evidence (RWE) at CVS Health Clinical Trial Services, discusses how CVS Health is leveraging its many resources to develop comprehensive real-world data and real-world evidence that complement clinical findings, revealing deeper insights into health and safety outcomes, efficacy of treatments, and patient and physician behaviors.

Jill Pellegrino is Vice President of Recruitment and Real World Evidence (RWE), CVS Health Clinical Trial Services. She and her team are responsible for leading the Recruitment and RWE product suite for pharmaceutical manufacturers. Jill has 15 years in clinical research with expertise in recruitment, study conduct, real world evidence and data analytics. Previously she worked at Accelerated Enrollment Solutions where she served as General Manager. Her responsibilities included overseeing the company’s patient recruitment business as well as 160 clinical research sites across 11 countries.

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