DABRA with the minimally invasive Pharos Excimer Laser

Jeffrey Kraws discusses DABRA with the minimally invasive Pharos Excimer Laser for the treatment of vascular and skin diseases.

Jeffrey J. Kraws has served as the President of Ra Medical since August 2016. Since 2003, Mr. Kraws has served as Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Crystal Research Associates and CRA Advisors. Mr. Kraws is a partner at Grannus Securities Pty Ltd. (an Australian based private equity fund) since November 2015. Prior to founding Crystal Research Associates, Mr. Kraws served as co-president of The Investor Relations Group (IRG), a firm representing primarily under-followed, small-capitalization companies. Previously, Mr. Kraws served as a managing director of healthcare research for Ryan Beck & Co. and as director of research/senior pharmaceutical analyst and managing director at Gruntal & Co., LLC (prior to its merger with Ryan Beck & Company). Mr. Kraws served as managing director of the healthcare research group and senior pharmaceutical analyst at First Union Securities (formerly EVEREN Securities); as senior U.S. pharmaceutical analyst for the Swedish-Swiss conglomerate Asea Brown Boveri; and as managing director and president of the Brokerage/Investment Banking operation of ABB Aros Securities, Inc. He also served as a senior pharmaceutical analyst at Nationsbanc Montgomery Securities, BT Alex Brown & Sons, and Buckingham Research. Mr. Kraws also served in the treasury group at Bristol-Myers-Squibb Company. Mr. Kraws serves on the board of directors of Avivagen (TSX:VIV), Saleen Automotive, Inc. (OTC: SLNN), and is Chairman of the Board of Synthetic Biologics (NYSE:SYN). Mr. Kraws holds an MBA from Cornell University and a BS degree from the State University of New York, Buffalo.

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