DDW 2020 – Aspirin Use & Hepatocellular Carcinoma

Dr. Zoe Memel, MD, PG1, Department of Medicine, Massachusetts General Hospital discusses the research presented at Digestive Disease Week® (DDW) 2020 titled “Aspirin use is associated with a reduced incidence of hepatocellular carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis”

Dr. Memel is currently an internal medicine first-year resident at Massachusetts General Hospital. Recently graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of USC and is planning to pursue a fellowship in gastroenterology after clinical training in internal medicine. Dr. Memel comes from a strong background in nutrition, preventative health, and education and enjoys finding ways to integrate nutrition education into clinical medicine. Prior to medical school, Dr. Memel completed a degree in nutrition from Cornell University and has extensive experience creating nutrition and lifestyle medicine based curriculums for patients, medical students, and the community.

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