Dental Health Inequities

Dr. Jeremy Horst, DDS, Director, Clinical Innovation for DentaQuest discusses dental health inequities and outlines some solutions to close the gap, ways to improve access to care in communities in need, and advancing policies to help make this possible.

Jeremy Horst, DDS, PhD, Director, Clinical Innovation for DentaQuest. Jeremy leads the clinical innovation team at DentaQuest, advancing the clinical vision for the future of oral health by embracing advancements in person-centered care, technology, innovative diagnostic and preventive methods, targeted therapeutics, medical-dental integration and data science.

Jeremy is a highly regarded pediatric dentist, biochemist and educator. Over 20years in dentistry, he has worked as a dental assistant, free clinic director, general dentist, pediatric dentist and scientist. He has authored orco-authored over 45 publications and taught more than 100 dental continuing education courses. He is known for introducing American dentistry to silver diamine fluoride and helping develop SMART fillings. He has also worked with the Indian Health Service and the American Dental Association to accelerate the adoption of maximally effective, minimally invasive treatments for dental caries. Most recently, Jeremy was a fellow in the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) DeRisi lab, where SARS-CoV and many other pathogens were discovered.

Jeremy is also an inventor and patent holder for OraViz 3D dental imaging and has consulted for dental entrepreneurs including uBiome, a dental microbiome diagnostic platform, and FirstHand, a virtual reality solution to empower children for improved self-care.

Jeremy holds degrees from UCSF, the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego. He lives in San Francisco, CA with his wife and three children

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