Depression Among Adolescent Girls


Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Mike Ferry
Guest Bio: Mike Ferry is a middle school teacher and parent of four young kids. He focuses on helping children develop the habits of happiness and innovation. His new book, Teaching Happiness and Innovation, lays out that vision. Researchers have found links between happiness, success, and innovation.

Segment Overview: Mike Ferry discusses why adolescent girls are at greater risk for depression than their male counterparts. He talks about why teenage girls tend to harbor negative thoughts more frequently than teenage boys when experiencing stressful encounters with others and points out that that girls face more of these situations than boys.


Health Professional Radio

Neal: Hello, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, so glad that you could join us today. Many believe that our youth population is in peril. Our youth is our future. You know, every kid is a blessing – going to be added to our society. We see kids suffering from stress; mental disorders; we see violence in schools; we see drug abuse; sexual promiscuity and what not involving our youth. Our guest in studio today is Mr. Mike Ferry, a middle school teacher and parent of four young kids. So he’s got his work cut out for him as many of us do who have kids and he has specific insight into some of the problems that boys and girls have. How you doing today Mike?

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