Diabetes Patient Success Story – Managing Your Diagnosis Through Collaborative Treatment and Proper Diet

In this segment, Ms. Jean Ford a 78-year-old diabetic and cancer survivor discusses the challenges she faced from her type-II diabetes as well as the treatment plan and education she received from the doctors at Weill Cornell Medicine that enabled her to live a ​medication-free lifestyle.​ 

Ms. Jean Ford is a 78-year-old diabetic and cancer survivor who has been able to get her diabetes under control. Ms. Ford discovered she had type-II diabetes while undergoing her pre-op evaluation for cataract surgery in June 2020. Soon after she was connected with Dr. Jack and nutritionist Rachel Stahl from Weill Cornell Medicine who educated her on her diet and established a collaborative treatment plan. Now, with a steady and monitored diet, Ms. Ford’s sugar levels are under control and she has been ​medication-free for the past six months.

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