DiaCarta – Unique Liquid Biopsy Test

Imagine a liquid biopsy test whose results would allow physicians to evaluate chemotherapy for every patient in real time.  Richard Brand, CFO of DiaCarta, Inc., a translational genomics and personalized diagnostics company, discusses a recent data publication in “Nature Scientific Reports” that validates their cell-free DNA biomarker detection pre-treatment (chemotherapy) can predict how much treatment a patient needs. Their QuantiDNA™ cfDNA test, studied in this paper, is used to quantify the total amount of cfDNA directly from a plasma sample while the patient is undergoing cancer therapy.  

Richard Brand is the Chief Financial Officer at DiaCarta Inc., a company delivering precision diagnostics. In his previous role, he helped raise $86 million as CFO for a private diagnostics company, Laboratory for Advanced Medicine, Inc.  Over 2 years, helped generate 2x return and best performing biotech IPO for most of 2017 as CFO.  Managed one-third of an institutional investment fund’s portfolio, helping it grow to $1 billion from $400 million. Managed Robertson Stephens’s biotech private placement business to number two ranking.  Richard holds a MBA from the University of Chicago and is a former Board member for the University’s and Booth School’s NYC Alumni Clubs.

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