Dr. Li Yan: Discussion on Digestive Wellness

Dr. Li Yan, Digestive Health Expert from Procter & Gamble in Singapore joins Health Professional Radio to talk about the intensive work she has done in the field of gastrointestinal health. She also elaborates on the importance of having regular bowel movements – a topic many people are too embarrassed to talk about.

Dr. Li Yan, PhD from Department of Pharmacy, National University of Singapore currently works as a scientist in Research & Development for Digestive Wellness at Procter and Gamble, in Singapore. There are many facets to Li Yan’s work in the gastrointestinal health arena. She spends a lot of time talking with patients so that she can ensure their needs are fully understood – for example, what gastrointestinal issues and challenges they face in daily life. Additionally, she also liaises with gastroenterologists and doctors to understand the latest treatments available, and to discuss their patients’ responses.

As a scientist and pharmacist by training, Li Yan researches the cutting-edge developments in medicine and other treatment fields to ensure the products that Procter & Gamble offers will provide significant relief to those suffering from gastrointestinal symptoms such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

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