Dmanna: Say Goodbye To UTIs

For this HPR health supplier segment, chemist Sara Rose Harcus promotes Dmanna, an incredible daily UTI prevention powder that she created. It’s safe, affordable and convenient. It comes in a single-serving packet that dissolves instantly in any beverage. It’s is a good prevention tool for people experiencing chronic or recurrent UTI symptoms. With Dmanna, you can kill the UTI before it even occurs.

Sara Rose Harcus is a former chemist, current Cryptocurrency trader, and perpetual entrepreneur who eats spreadsheets for breakfast. Her data-driven articles have been cited by publications such as CNN Money, Fortune, and BusinessInsider. She is currently endeavoring to reduce the rate of annual Urinary Tract Infections globally by half, through her company Dmanna, whose goal is to minimize UTI occurrences currently affecting 150 million people each year.

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