Using the Power of Peak State to Enhance Performance [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Akram_Alashari_Power_Peak_StateGuest: Dr. Akram Alashari
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Akram Alashari, MD is a Trauma Surgeon and Critical Care Physician. He earned his MD at the age of 23, and completed General Surgery Residency Training at the University of Connecticut. He then earned board-certification in general surgery at the age of 28, among the youngest in the nation. He subsequently completed Surgical Critical Care sub-specialty training at the University of Florida.

Segment overview: Akram Alashari, MD, a trauma surgeon and surgical intensivist, talks about being one of the youngest to become board certified in general surgery in the United States.


Health Professional Radio – Power Peak State by Dr. Akram Alashari

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest in studio today is Dr. Akrim Alashari, Trauma Surgeon and Critical Care Physician. Earned his Medical Degree at the age of 23, completed General Surgery Residency Training at the University of Connecticut. He then earned board certification on General Surgery at the age of 28. He’s here today to talk with us about being one of the youngest ever, certified in the United States in General Surgery. He’s also an Author, the Author of The Power of Peak State: Massively Enhance Your Personal Potential. Welcome to Health Professional Radio Dr. Alashari.

Dr. Akram Alashari Thank you so much Neal for having me.

N: Thank you. The Power of Peak State is a very intriguing title to your book. What exactly is the Peak State and what type of power does it have?

A: Peak State, basically is a state of mind where you are at the peak physical and mental capabilities in your life. State of mind where in you have a heightened level of awareness, elevated mood, and increased energy.

N: All of those?

A: Yes.

N: And there is no supplements involved or no surgeries or anything? This is just a state of mind?

A: No, there is no surgery involved, there is no supplements, anything of that nature. This is basically training the mind and body to be in the peak shape of your life. So it’s a duality of state, both mind and body.

N: Now you are one of the youngest ever to be certified in General Surgery here in the United States. At the age of 23 you earned a Medical Degree, you’re just out of your teen years and you’re just into your late 20s and you’re in General Surgery, and board certified at that. Is this Peak State that you speak of, is that what helped you to attain these goals? Is this something that you knew before you were in Medical School or something that you learned while you were going through your Medical training?

A: I think it helped me out all along. I think the concept of Peak State was there, it wasn’t until the end of my Residency that I really kind of have a name for it and kind of describe it the way I do in the book. But I think in retrospective, it’s been there the whole time. The kind of concepts and principles, it’s what has helped me overcome many challenges, enabled me to be where I am today.

N: Now, you are a General Surgery Intensivist, is that correct?

A: Yes. So what that means is, after I finished my General Surgery Training, I did sub-specialty training in Trauma and Critical Care Medicine.

N: And did you always want to be an MD? Were you always interested in the Medical field or this is something that you came upon and said “Hey, maybe that’s something I’d like to do”, when you were totally going in a different direction?

A: No. I’ve always wanted to do this, ever since I was young.

N: Okay.

A: It’s always been my passion to help people. But what really intrigued me is the human body. Ever since I was young, I’ve always loved the human body and I have read so much about it and it was almost natural for me to become a Physician.

N: As far as a Surgeon, were you thinking Surgery all along or were you going to be just your regular Family Doctor. How did you become specialized?

A: It wasn’t really until I was in the near in the end of my Medical School, when I was going on a different vocation. I remember specifically being on the Medicine Rotation and helping patients with their long term disabilities such as Diabetes, Hypertension and then I remember being on a Surgical Service where I would help more acute illnesses such as Appendicitis or Polycystitis, patients having their gallbladder removed and I felt a distinct difference between taking care of a chronic problem versus taking care of an acute, life-threatening problem and that’s what moved me to Surgery.

N: Okay. So which one of these two Disciplines were more affected by your use of the Peak State? Was it your surgical endeavors or your General Practitioner endeavors?

A: So Peak State helped me particularly in Surgery and especially in Trauma, because it’s those times where the patient is critically ill is on often times in a situation where they’re bleeding to death from car accidents or stabbings or shootings or they are in septic shocks or whatever the reason and so very chaotic, very hectic and it really needs a peak state of mind in order to take care of a patient in such a critical condition and I think that the Peak State applies more for situations like that where you really need to take control rather than more of the kind of chronic, long term problems. Do you see what I’m saying?

N: I do. I’d like to ask if this Peak State that you speak of is something that is within us and has to be harnessed and revealed and nurtured or is it something that has to be totally learned as some form piece of information so that we can attain the same benefits as those who’ve mastered this Peak State?

A: It’s within us. But the physiology is there and I explain in the book, the physiology, it’s simple, activating the sympathetic Nervous System. Increasing your level of awareness, increasing your level of enthusiasm and passion towards life, increases your level of energy, your clarity of thinking and increases your physical capacity with things such as exercise and eating healthy. And once we’re in Peak State, that allows us to overcome all of our challenges such as a lot of the long hours spent at work, a lot of the intimidating situations that we face, that we need to overcome, our abilities to overcome exhaustion, these are the things that Peak State is needed for so this applies to any profession but particularly I felt it during Surgery because of how demanding of a job it is.

N: I’d like to ask about the Peak State as is it applies to your interactions, not necessarily in Trauma, Surgery or in a Medical realm at all, just in a personal level. When you switch off the work place application of Peak State, is there a difference or a different level when you’re applying it to be at your maximum performance when it comes to interpersonal relationships?

A: That’s a great question, Neal and actually yes. So Peak State, we apply to every aspect of our life. So one of the concepts is that we always strive for excellence, for being the best at everything we do. So that’s not just in the work place but also in the home. So whatever other role you have, whether you’re a father or a mother or a sibling, you want to be the best at that. So you need to be in a state of mind where you have the self-awareness to control your responses and to treat people well and to have the self-awareness on how you’re reacting comes to certain situations. So this applies in the workplace, in the home, and it applies to having a better and deeper understanding of yourself as well.

N: Your web presence, you have a website. Could you tell us what is the name of the website and where can our listeners get a copy of The Peak State, The Power of Peak State?

A: Thanks so much Neal. The website is called and on there, you’ll find there’s a page for the book, it’s available through Amazon and you can read about the book on the website. And I also have supplemental content that I put out, that expand further on certain concepts that are in the book as well.

N: Alright, great. It’s been great having you here with us today Dr. Alashari. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. And as I said we’ve been in studio talking today with Dr. Akram Alashari, Trauma Surgeon and Critical Care Physician who earned his Medical Degree at the very young age of 23. Completed General Surgery Residency Training at the University of Connecticut and then earned a board certification in General Surgery at the age of 28. He is among the youngest in the United States to be certified as such. He’s subsequently completed Surgical Critical Care Sub-Specialty Training at the University of Florida and he’s also an Author, the Author of The Power of Peak State: Massively Enhance Your Personal Potential where he outrides how to reach this mindset of peak performance in both your business and your personal life. It’s been great having you here with us today Doctor.

A: Thanks so much, Neal. I appreciate it.

N: Thank you. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at and also at and you can subscribe through our podcast on iTunes.

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