Iodine and Health: Supplements – What, When, and Why [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Jacob_Teitelbaum_iodine_health_supplementsGuest: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, Director of the Practitioners Alliance Network, is one of the most frequently quoted integrative medical authorities in the country. He is the author of the bestselling From Fatigued to Fantastic!, Pain Free, 1,2,3!, the Beat Sugar Addiction Now! series, Real Cause Real Cure, The Fatigue and Fibromyalgia Solution, The Complete Guide to Beating Sugar Addiction, and the popular free smartphone app Cures A-Z.

Segment overview: Dr. Teitelbaum discusses supplementation and getting the right balance of minerals in the diet.


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Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host, Neal Howard. Iodine’s main role is to help manufacture Thyroid Hormones so says our guest in studio today returning Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum. He is the director of the Practitioner’s Alliance Network, one of the most frequently quoted integrative medical authorities in the country and also the lead Author of four studies on effective treatment of Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue Syndrome, also a study on effective treatment of Autism using NAET. Now Dr. Teitelbaum also appears often as a guest on news and talk-shows nationwide including Good Morning America, Dr. Oz, Oprah and Friends, CNN, Fox News Health and now here with us today on Health Professional Radio. How are you doing today Dr. Teitelbaum?

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum Neal, doing great. A pleasure to be with you.

N: Thank you so much. When we’re talking about Hypothyroidism or Hyperthyroidism, the Thyroid in general as it relates to overall good health, supplements, Iodine being and at a 50% reduction in intake of the past 30 years. Where are we going to get the Iodine and any of the other minerals that we need and it’s not common from our food that’s for sure.

T: Oh absolutely Neal and unfortunately the American Diet has been ravaged by food processing. If you look at it the initials show that the average American has about 140-150 pounds of sugar added to their diet each year in food processing. That’s 18% of our calories, another 18% of our calories come from white flour which have been essentially so raped in terms of nutritional support that the Government mandated that they put a tiny tiny bit of the nutrients back in which they cynically call Enriched Flour and so it should be mildly raped flour, not as severely raped only pillaged flour instead of totally white. So we’ve lost another 18% of our calories with that, added fats – the effects of each step of food processing generally strips off more nutrients. We’ve lost over 50% of vitamins and minerals that are present in the normal food supply over a hundred years ago than our present and this is why this is the first time in human history you see people routinely being both Obese and Malnourished at the same time. So it’s no longer feasible for most people to get all of the vitamins and minerals they need by simply eating the diet that they, too wiped out to the processing and it’s something that, I think this is a good common sense measure. It’s ideal for people to take a good solid multi-vitamin, now it’s important to distinguish between the recommended daily allowance which often are based and what amount is needed to prevent say for vitamin C. They took out what was needed to prevent Scurvy and then they added a margin of safety for that. Now most of these do not look at what’s needed to optimize function. So I prefer recommended intakes based on what optimizes function and a good Multi-Vitamin the one that I like to use for people as called as a Vitamin called energy revitalization system vitamin powder. One think it places pretty much everything from A to Z …

N: You said one drink, now a moment ago you mentioned recommending taking a good solid Multi-Vitamin. Now I just wanna clarify, are you talking solid as in pill form or liquid or you’re talking about a well-rounded regimen of multi-vitamins?

T: The good solid in terms of having optimal levels.

N: Okay.

T: The vitamin that I’d like to use is a powder and then you just add water. So it starts with solid and goes to liquid. So it’s a vitamin powder and it can get one called the daily energy infusion, it’s some other very good one for those who like powders. There’s my favorite Multiple Diastase one, just take one a day, a pill that people can take. There’s a number of good ones most enough and I’ve been…

N: My naiveté will shine right now. It seems as though if companies are making supplements and companies are taking nutrients out of food and then companies are making drugs to deal with Thyroid problems and what not. Why not just put the nutrients back into the food and be done with it?

T: Well if you look at, for example our First Lady did a thing trying to get children to learn about the value of eating foods that are less processed such as vegetables (laughs) and the food companies cut her off at the knees. So, who’s goanna go out there and say there’s, you know look at the advertising, let’s look at the biggest advertiser in the country, it’s basically processed foods and related items, … and then we have cosmetics and then you have the drug companies. So these are the biggest advertisers, now I know that I work with the media and the Editors well actually do not want to tick off there advertisers. If the reporter submits that will upset an advertiser like a Processed Food company or Pharmaceutical company, they will find it quietly buried, and if the reporter pushes the reporter themselves quietly buried.

N: Quietly buried. (laughs)

T: And you’ll see that this is…but to speak with Editors of major magazines when they take advertisements for many of the drugs such as the Ibuprofen type things like that. The contract comes with a clause stating that that magazine is not allowed to run anything favorable on natural medicine in that issue.

N: Well that’s good to know.

T: And most magazines will take that advertising because it’s big money. So when you say “Well gee why don’t we just, why doesn’t the media talk about it, why doesn’t congress who is on basically to get elected, we require them to take massive drives to these folks with food processors and pharmaceutical industry and then they come back to make laws. Do you realize that many states pass laws that it would be illegal for anybody including a doctor to counsel people on nutrition unless they were basically certified by the ADA which is basically if you look at the ADA, The American Dietetics Association they’ve taken a new name but it’s the same group. Most of the conferences are sponsored by Coke, Pepsi, Nestle, they are food processors is a basically they were trying to get lawsuit that anybody who is not trained by the Nestle and Coca-Cola basically and nutrition would not be allowed to talk about nutrition.

N: That’s pretty sinister if you ask me.

T: Well no, it’s good business.

N: (laughs) Well yeah, for them but not for us. (Cross-talk)

T: But it’s not about us Neal. (laughs)

N: But aren’t these CEOs and Company heads eating the same foods that we are or do they have special food that give them the things that they need?

T: No, I think that basically they’ve talked themselves into believing what they’re saying. It has the effect that whoever owns Coca-Cola drinks coke or at least diet coke.

N: Yeah.

T: And I’m not against having, I mean I go to a movie you’ll see me there with a big popcorn and a large diet coke. I’m not against people living and enjoying themselves, I just want them to have the nutritional support it’s a basic concern’s policy it’s as common sense. And it’s funny some people say well you take the B vitamins and then you pee them out and therefore it is making expensive urine so you shouldn’t have it and I recommend for those people who say that, they’re right don’t drink water you’d just pee it out.

N: (Laughs)

T: Don’t breath air, you’re just gonna exhale it.

N: Yeah, why do anything anything that’s beneficial at all if it’s gonna be beneficial right now immediately, right?

T: Well it’s the silliness, I mean that the argument which is a good one is we didn’t need multi-vitamins 500 years ago why we suddenly need them? And that’s really good argument, if there is not a change in the diet but we have lost over 50% of our nutrients, vitamins, minerals, co-factors through food processing and there wasn’t much more than the ten to 20% margin of safety in access to begin with. So most Americans are not getting optimal amounts and you look at the data of the USTA and others. Most are not getting even the Zinc and the Copper and these basic nutrients they need and each of these results in a decrease of function. For example we look at Medicine 31% American suffer with Chronic Severe Fatigue, one third of Americans suffer with pain that they find and adequately treated and a lot of these relate to human energy crisis. You don’t have enough nutritional support, enough energy and get tired but for pain, most pain is muscle pain which as physicians we’re really not talk much about proof of muscle relaxant at that maybe. But muscles pain, muscles shorten when they don’t have enough energy, muscles are like a spring. It takes more energy to stretch the muscle and to contract it so think about that for a moment when you have a spring you want to stretch that out it takes energy. The muscle you want to release and relax the muscle it takes the energy and when you look at the action on the energy it takes to those ELC, I mean it’s a funny thing it takes less energy to the muscle to be stay contracted. That’s why after you had hard workout you come home you and you go and say “honey my muscles are loose and limp. They’re all tight”. And when you don’t have enough energy muscles get locked in a shortened position and after a couple weeks or years of that they start to hurt and that’s why low energy is a major cause for muscle pain which arguably is the most common cause of pain that most people have.

N: That’s okay.

T: And as physicians we’re not even trained to do a proper exam for muscle pain, we don’t know how to treat it. It’s not a surprise if people stay in chronic pain. So you’ll see the one you get people a good multi-vitamin, I’m not talking about your standard ones you get at most supermarkets. They really do not have enough but at least 50 ml of each of the B vitamins for example, you’ll see that their pain and fatigue after about 6 weeks will often go away.

N: Let’s talk about your book. I think it’s one of your latest works, the Fatigue and Fibromyalgia book. What prompted you to become an Author after being in the medical profession for so long?

T: Well I got on…or I had it. I came down with the …flu when I was in Medical School and it actually I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Fibromyalgia it actually knocked me out of Medical School and so since I paying my own way … I had no more…study and…I was homeless sleeping in parks. And so it caught my attention and I was able to learn what I needed, it’s funny it’s just like the universe put a homeless Medical School sign on my park fence and all of these different doctors and other people came by and they taught me bits and pieces what I needed and I was able to get myself…go back to Med School and did great. But I have spent the last 35 years researching in this area. And to create effective treatment for people with Fibromyalgia if they goanna publish that double blind research on list. If we…call the S.H.I.N.E Protocol, Sleep, Hormonal support, Infections, Nutritional support and Exercise as able, 91% of people with Fibromyalgia will improve and what we have is actually a free energy analysis program. People can go to for those things or they have that a patient who has Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue, comes with a free energy analysis program and it will tell them what things they need to do to optimize energy production including everything from looking for Sleep Apnea and Restless Leg Syndrome, hormonal problems, the whole suite of other things.

N: Now you are the developer of an App, the Cures A-Z app. It’s a free app for smart phones, talk about that app briefly.

T: Well it basically, I’m a science geek and I read about a little of literature for fun or I just I’m blessed that the Universe gave me ways that instead of being attracted to…sports and cars I was attracted to science geeks so (Cross-talk)

N: Lucky for you.

T: Indeed and so I’ve taken those tens of thousands of studies and put together the nuts and bolts and life’s simple thing and looking at everything from Acne to Zoster A to Z, high blood pressure, whatever it happens to be. You look it up and says here’s what the research suggests can be helpful using that couple of things and it’ll look at some medications there’s some that I give a very big thumbs up and someone else and say these are basically scam. I don’t take money from either side I won’t take money from either the drug companies or the pharmaceutical industry or the natural products industry… they go to charity so…and objective, good solid thing of okay what really helps and what doesn’t. It separates the weak …from people that’s so very easily… the health practitioners and the public.

N: Great. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. It’s been a pleasure this afternoon speaking with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum about Iodine supplements, supplements in general, the fact that we didn’t need them 500 years ago but of course we need them now and talking about the importance of paying more attention to the minerals and supplements that we are taking in in order to facilitate good health. It’s been great having you here with us today Doctor.

T: Yeah, pleasure.

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