Homeopathy and Somatization Disorders [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Kathy_Gruver_Phd_homeopathyGuest: Dr. Kathy Gruver, Phd
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Kathy Gruver, PhD is an award-winning author and the host of the national TV show based on her first book, The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. She has earned her PhD in Natural Health and has authored five books, including Conquer Your Stress, and her latest book, Journey of Healing has already won three awards. She has studied mind/body medicine at the famed Benson-Henry Institute for Mind-Body Medicine at Harvard Medical School and has been featured as an expert in numerous publications.

Segment overview: Dr. Kathy Gruver, Phd, discusses homeopathy in depth and physical and somatization disorders.


Health Professional Radio – Homeopathy

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. Thank you so much for joining us again today. Our guest in studio today is Dr. Kathy Gruver, she’s an award winning author and the host of the national television show based on her first book, ‘The Alternative Medicine Cabinet.’ She earned her PHD in Natural Health and has authored five books including “Conquer Your Stress,” and her latest book “Journey of Healing: One woman’s path to healing self and others.” And she’s returned here with us today to talk about homeopathy, an in-depth discussion of homeopathy and physical and somatization disorders, right off the bat I need to know what is somatization and why is it a disorder?

Dr. Kathy Gruver: Yeah, somatization is basically when we’re putting these emotional stressors and these spiritual stressors into our body. And what I found when I was working in my dissertation which was on all on mind-body medicine, that we have these phrases which I’ve been hearing since I was a kid but I didn’t really think strongly about what they meant until I started doing this work, which we say things like my hands are full, I can’t get a grip, my heart is open, my heart is breaking, the weight of the world is on my shoulders, I can’t stomach this – and I found that fascinating because we’re basically phrasing emotions thru looking at our body. I had had a client who was having really that pain in her hands and her wrists and I was doing massage on her and I was making the pain go away and then the couple days later it would come back. And it was really driving me crazy that I couldn’t get to why is this not going away? And finally one day I asked her, I said “Tell me again when it hurts because I thought I’m missing something.” And she said well it hurts me when I’m grabbing things, when I’m grasping things, like I can’t hold the hair dryer, I can’t lift the bottle of wine, and that was a tragedy so we should really have to fix that.

N: Oh absolutely.

G: We can’t have that thing going on. But I heard the word she said of grasp and grip and I said “Well is there something you’re holding onto too tightly? Is there’s something you need to let go?” And I don’t know why I thought to ask that question, but I did and she popped her eyes open and she look at me and she said “I don’t want to let my kids go.” And I’m thinking oh my god she had an answer and…

N: And you didn’t expect that.

G: I didn’t and not a profound one like that. And it turns out that her brother had gone out after getting his driver’s license at 16 and was killed and never came home. And her children were now 15 and a half and 14, and they wanted that freedom and she didn’t want to give it to them. And I said “Have you talked to your kids about this? She said no, she’d never shared the story what happen and that night she went home after dinner and they look the pictures of her brother and talked about what happed to him and her fears associated with them now having their independents and they understood and her pain started to go away, and she didn’t need a massage quite this frequently and then I didn’t see her again. I appreciated that story. But, and I truly believe that had she not dealt with the emotional aspect of what was happening in her body that she never would have healed. And I have I’ve seen client after client, after client who has these stories whether it’s the boss that is such a pain and their having this anger bubbled up, and this client that ended up with an ulcer or the gentlemen who was pissed off and pissed off, and pissed off end up with bladder cancer or these series of little irritations or the kidney stones. There’s just been so many example in my practice and I don’t have double blind placebo controlled studies on this but in just observing even in my own family, some of the things, some of the attitudes in the words that we use and how that’s exhibiting in the body. So some of them that’s the keys to what’s happening on our emotions, we have to store that stuff somewhere Louis …. talks about that at length and all of her books.

N: Now you talk a bit about being negative to yourself and some of the energy that you loss. Talk about a little bit about being, was it negative self-talk or what exactly was that about?

G: Well it was pretty negative behavior, actually I had just had my first reiki attunement. And reiki I think we talked about it on another show is a hands-on healing modality and you get what’s called an ‘attunement” where you given the energy so that you can use it on another people. And I’ve gotten my reiki attunement I was actress down at LA at this time, I was in a relationship I was displeased with and I was nothing kind to myself. So I went to a party after a show and drunk a little bit too much and smoke a little of stuff it’s now legal, but wasn’t then and woke up the next day and went to do some reiki and it was gone.

N: Wow.

G: And I thought, well what about what’s up with that? And I called my reiki master and she said what did you do? I didn’t know it could go away. And after I was silly enough to do that a second time after paying another $150 for my next attunement, it had gone away again. And my reiki master said Kathy reiki it’s a gift, it’s god’s love, it’s universal energy it’s not gonna stick around if you’re abusing yourself. So don’t do another attunement if you’re gonna continue this bad behavior. And I wasn’t even doing something horrible, I mean I wasn’t like doing crack, it was silly early 20’s behavior.

N: But was it, was it about excess or doing it at all?

G: That was a good question, I think it was probably a combination. But I think it was also I was acting out because I was miserable. I was so unhappy, I was treating myself horribly and when we’re stressed we over indulge in things whether it’s drugs and alcohol or food or video games or and I think I was trying to escape and some higher source of myself said no, we’re not gonna give you this amazing gift of reiki if your gonna do this to yourself. I certainly still drink wine but I’m not to excess, I’m not in a state where I’m completely miserable with myself and I think that’s what it was, I think I was so negative.

N: Out of balance.

G: Exactly. I think I was so negative, that positive thing could not stay around.

N: Talk a bit about homeopathy, why is it so unique and specific to each person in a different way?

G: Well it’s great. Homeopathics are one of my favorite modalities. And if you’re goanna use it I really, really encourage people to seek out a practitioner that really does know what they’re doing. Walk into any health food store and get a little vial of the sugar or pills that say PMS or headaches or what they do with that is a combination remedy, they pick the top 5 remedies they stick it in a combo, and they hope it works. And a lot of people that I’ve seen that they don’t think reiki works is because they’ve gone that route. They buy something that’s very general in a store that isn’t made for them. And the key to homeopathics is they’re very minute doses of these substances, and the concept behind it is like cures like. So it’s kind of vaccine, if you give the body a really small dose of something that creates a same symptoms, then the symptoms is going to disappear. And they come into a conclusion as to which remedies to give you by looking at really specific symptoms. So if I go in with a headache and say hey I’ve got a headache, I’d like a homeopathic they’re gonna say well this is hurt on the right or the left? Does it hurt on the front or the back? Do you want cold beverages or hot beverages? Do you feel better out in the air or do you feel better under the covers on a room? And they’ll go on and on and on and you look at some of these questions that answers and specifics and you’re like really? Your goanna get a one red spot over your left eye, and that’s gonna lead you to something, it gets that specific…

N: Is that the reason that it seems that the doctor has to be a little bit more in-depth with the patient when they’re involved in homeopathy?

G: Absolutely because it’s so customize, 5 people walk in to an MD their probably goanna walk out with the similar prescription, if not the same thing. If 5 headaches sufferers walk into a homeopath, they’re gonna get 5 vastly different remedies and that’s the key to it. So just buying one off the shelf on the store it might work, I found a couple that really work for me but for the most part you need to have it customized for you and then you need to have patients, because it’s not like popping an Advil. (Laughing)

N: Yeah.

G: It’s not like just gonna magically disappear. So you need to have patients with it, you really need to make sure you have the right remedy and it was a phenomenal system of healing. I get really bad allergies like if I’m cleaning, I can feel my throat starts to tighten and I sneeze, sneeze, sneeze and rather than turning to an antihistamine I take homeopathic histamine called “histaminum” and literally I put a few of those in my mouth, crunch them up, let them melt and within minutes the sneezing stops and I don’t feel like I’m having allergies anymore. In that case it work incredibly fast, great stuff.

N: Share about your muses Dorothy and Alice.

G: Dorothy and Alice, yeah Alice passed of a 105 and Dorothy was 96, and they were dynamic and always learning. They were complete hoot, there’s a whole set of stories in the book about them because they are such an influence. I would walk in to Alice’s house and she’d be on her laptop talking to kids back east somewhere about aging. And Dorothy do the strip tease at her own 90th birthday, they were such an influence. That’s the perfect combination of those two is how I want to age and how I want to live.

N: Okay. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio I’m your host Neal Howard. It’s been a pleasure speaking with Dr. Kathy Gruver, this afternoon, PhD and award winning author and the host of her own national television show based on her first book ‘The Alternative Medicine Cabinet,’ also the name of her website, if you go there lots of great information stories tips and tricks and really, really great stuff, check out The Alternative Medicine Cabinet. She’s earned her PhD and Natural Health and has authored 5 books including “Conquer Your Stress” and her latest book “Journey of Healing.” And she’s been here with us talking about her latest book and some of the personal stories, why she shared them and why she does basically what she does. It’s been great having you here with us today Kathy.

G: Thanks Neal, I appreciate it.

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