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Drs_Mark_Michele_Sherwood_Quest_for_WellnessGuest: Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Mark Sherwood, Naturopathic Doctor
Author of Amazon best seller, The Quest for Wellness. Co-CEO of The Functional Medical Institute, a wellness-based medical practice in Tulsa, OK, with his wife Dr. Michele Sherwood. Co-host of the Living It TV, a weekly television program with bridges the gap between Biblical principles and Eastern and Western medicine.

Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Co-author of Amazon best-seller, The Quest for Wellness. Co-CEO of the Functional Medical Institute in Tulsa, OK. Had a successful private practice as a Tulsa doctor since 2002. Dr. Michele has been certified and trained through Cenegenics, BioTE Medical, Metagenics, Helm’s Medical Institute, and AMMG. She specializes in nutrition, medical food & supplementation, exercise prescription, rest, stress management, hormone balance and the Functional Movement.

Segment overview: Dr. Mark Sherwood, ND, and Dr Michele Neil-Sherwood, DO discuss their book, “Quest For Wellness”.

Health Professional Radio – Quest for Wellness

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, thank you so much for joining us again today. Our guest in studio today is Dr. Mark and Dr. Michele Sherwood, both of them are Naturopathic Specialists in Tulsa, Oklahoma and they’ve got a brand new book out called The Quest for Wellness: A Practical and Personal Wellness Plan for optimum Health in Your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Mark welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Dr. Mark Sherwood: Thank you Neal for having us. We really appreciate it and just F.Y.I. my wife is also an Osteopathic Doctor so she’s got more initials after her name than we have in our last name total.

N: (Laughs) I hear you. Now Dr. Mark Sherwood and your wife also a practitioner, Dr. Michele Neil-Sherwood, you’ve got a practice there in Tulsa, you’ve written this book. Being Naturopaths, both of you and your wife as you say an Osteopathic Specialist. First of all let’s get into how you started the Functional Medical Institute there in Tulsa.

S: Well my wife approximately five years ago took a big risk and gamble to step out of the traditional medical model practice and stepped out into the world of entrepreneurship as a doctor and then stepped out of the big system like that took some serious guts and she did that because all of us, we have a passion for helping people and seeing people get well as opposed to seeing people just managed in the state of their conditions or disease. We want to provide a place of true healing to a person’s entire body and being and so that prompted her to step out and I got the privilege to join her a couple of years ago and so now we have what we believe is a wonderful team approach practice and I get to work with my best friend every day and my beautiful wife as well.

N: So you don’t have a job at all, do you?

S: I don’t have a job at all, it’s all fun and games (Laughs) … love like that.

N: I heard you, Mich in a couple of words there, I heard you mentioned a place of total healing and before that statement you mentioned not wanting to see folks managing whatever is ailing them. Talk about the Functional Medical Institute as a place of whole healing as opposed to managing your symptoms. I mean you get a prescription, you’re supposed to be well in a few days theoretically, isn’t that healing?

S: Well I think the misconception that we have as a, as a world is this that we believe that when we take a pill that is actually a cure for ill and really medications are not designed to cure anything. Now I’ll put a…on this, someone is a type 1 diabetic, obviously they’re gonna need insulin because the pancreas is not born in a functional manner but most of the time when people take a pill it is absolutely trying to tiny stop or delay a symptom of something if not designed to stop it. So the functional approach is really going backwards behind there and finding out what caused the initial condition that produced the symptom in the first place and if you can find out the cause from the root of it, it actually gives you the ability to provide true healing as opposed to the traditional idea of healing that’s not, it’s in the form of disease management.

N: So basically you’re wanting your patients to not have to come back?

S: Correct. There is not a patient that comes into us that we don’t make the following statement, “We want to work ourselves out of a job.” And what we mean by that is this, we understand the need and my wife’s a brilliant Medical Doctor but we understand the need that there are things that come up from time to time and certainly they want people to come back for their annual well checks and then blood work etc. But what we don’t want to have is people that are coming back chronically, getting sick frequently for what we believe are conditions that can be corrected and when that happens we work with them a lot for months but once you get that thing or those things corrected, they don’t come back as often and they’re happier and we find that that’s a better way to conduct what we believe is our calling in life is to provide healing and we are agents of healing people’s lives.

N: Now your new book, you and your wife wrote the book together. Now the title, it’s almost like Christmas day, A Practical and Personal Wellness Plan for Optimum Health in Your Body, Your Mind, Your Emotions and Your Spirit. Now we were talking about taking a pill, there seems to be a pill for every one of those things that is mentioned in the title of your new book, A Quest for Wellness. How are we supposed to have health or healing in all of these aspects?

S: Well that’s a great question and really the idea that we want to convey is that this book does a different approach to all of those four areas. Most people want to separate those areas, for example we know there are gems on every corner, we know there are for the physical piece we that the church on about every corner for the spiritual piece, for the emotional piece there is a counselor on every corner and for intellectual piece there’s a school literally on every corner or online. We really have segregated those four areas, in fact they really are all connected and we show you to this book how they’re connected and how you can begin to get well in all of those four areas at one time. For example if someone wants to spend just a few minutes we show you how to do this whether it be three, four or five minutes in all those sections at the same time in a day, you get growth and you get development and you get advancement and progression in those four areas at the same time every day and you see yourself getting better at the same time all totaled in all those areas as opposed to just trying to do one for one do the other, which really does not provide any sort of benefit at all because they’re all interconnected in the world and they really are inseparable. We used the example of a four legged chair, I’m sitting in a chair right now with four legs, someone could come away and rip one leg out. Let’s say that’s the physical piece that we are neglecting, the other three are gonna stand there. I might be able to keep my balance for a while and I may not, I may fall but eventually I will because the other three legs, so those other three parts of our body are holding more weight than they should have. They’re holding an overload and they should be more balanced. So in reality, if we take this balanced approach to our life and really get ourselves well physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. That equation, those four things equal to true complete wellness.

N: Now I understand your wife’s background, she’s a certified and trained through Synergenics I believe. Her life has been in the medical profession, okay? You on the other hand, you have a varied background, do you feel that your experience in other areas than health care have given you a more rounded outlook when it comes to dealing with a patient? Not trying to take away from the medical aspect that your wife is versed in but with someone with such a varied background, a Veteran of the police department, a Motivational Speaker, an Evangelist, ex pro-baseball Player, you’ve rub shoulders with all different types of people and you’re doing so now in helping them. How much of that experience helps you out on your daily routine?

S: Well it’s life, I mean I go back to the Police Department days, you see people that are maybe the best people and people are amazing. Of course people having a bad day, we know everybody’s capable of having a bad day and having a bad day or even having bad times in life really influences our physical health and I learned through those experiences in life to transfer that into a true helping ministry and that’s really where it is with us, we really embrace this as our call in life and certainly with all of my varied experiences well as my wife’s experienced even in her physique building and martial arts prior to medical school etc. I mean we really are fortunate and blessed to have experiences in those areas because now we’re able to relate. We’re not looking at something through a microscope, we’re looking at something from a more or less a telescope, looking in a space, we’re seeing things in a broader perspective as opposed to just zoning in on an algorithm that says “If you have this then you take this. If you take this and don’t have results then you take this.” It’s a much different perspective and I think it allows that true patient position relationship that people are hungry for and have seen that because people come back to us and our business is based upon success stories and referrals and that’s why people love the book because it provides results and it provides testimonials and we want people to talk about their successes. So I do think it matters, yes.

N: And that’s why I asked about your background because chapter 1, the opening chapter is why you’re confident that you can help me, the reader when I get your book? And there are a lot of books that are self-help, take this diet, do this exercise and we kind of get, I guess desensitized when someone has a passion for what they’re doing, when you’re wondering where do that passion come from and I want our listeners to understand why you’re so confident in the results of your practice and of this book, this brand new book. Let our listeners know where they can get a copy.

S: Yeah, it’s available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and the person won’t be disappointed. It’s simple, simple practical ways that wherever you are in life, there’s something for you and again Neal, I am and my wife, we are 100% certain we can help a person because we believe in people and we have a passion to help people and I want to see people get well. It’s a simple concept, simple principles but if you put the simple principles into practice just like learning how to hit a baseball or throw a football. You go back to those foundational principles then you always, always, always get results.

N: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. We’ve been in studio this afternoon with Dr. Mark Sherwood in Tulsa Oklahoma and also the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of the Functional Medical Institute also located in Tulsa Oklahoma, founded it with his wife another Medical Practitioner, Dr. Michele Sherwood. And he’s been in studio with us and discussing the brand new book that they wrote together, The Quest for Wellness: A Practical and Personal Wellness Plan for Optimum Health in Your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit. Now Dr. Mark is an ex-professional baseball player, Motivational Speaker, Evangelist and his presentations he and his wife are sought worldwide. And it’s been great having you here with us today Doctor.

S: Thank you so much Neal for having me, I truly appreciate it. Thank you.

N: Thank you. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at and also at and you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.

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