DreamLab App: Using your Smartphone to Help in Cancer Research [Interview][Transcript]

dr_samantha_oakes_dreamlabGuest: Dr. Samantha Oakes
Presenter: Patrick Reyes
Guest Bio: Samantha Oakes received her PhD in Medical Science from the Garvan/St Vincent’s Clinical School, University of New South Wales in 2007, with funding from a NHMRC Dora Lush scholarship. The focus of her PhD was on understanding the role of prolactin receptor and its downstream targets during mammary gland development and cancer. She received the Garvan Institute of Medical Research thesis prize for this work. In 2012, Samantha returned to Garvan to continue her work into understanding the cues that regulate cell survival in the mammary gland and in breast cancer. In 2013, Samantha received a National Breast Cancer Foundation Early Career Fellowship and has been appointed as Group Leader. Samantha now leads a small team focused on Cell Survival in the larger Cancer Biology laboratory headed by Professor Christopher Ormandy.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we are joined by Dr. Samantha Oakes of the Garvan Institute of Medical Research to talk about cancer research specifically the DreamLab technology in relation with this year’s celebration of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. DreamLab, an app created by Garvan and Vodafone Foundation that is helping to solve cancer while smartphone users are asleep. This app has allowed Australia’s android smartphones to complete over 30% of the first vital cancer research project, slashing a massive nine months off cancer research time. Australians are encouraged to download and donate the data and processing power of their idle Smartphones, to help complete their first research project.

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