Genetic Testing and Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy [Interview][Transcript]

Drs_Mark_Michele_Sherwood_Bioidentical_Hormone_Replacement_TherapyGuest: Drs. Mark and Michele Sherwood
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Mark Sherwood, Naturopathic Doctor
Author of Amazon best seller, The Quest for Wellness. Co-CEO of The Functional Medical Institute, a wellness-based medical practice in Tulsa, OK, with his wife Dr. Michele Sherwood. Co-host of the Living It TV, a weekly television program with bridges the gap between Biblical principles and Eastern and Western medicine.

Michele L. Neil-Sherwood, Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine
Co-author of Amazon best-seller, The Quest for Wellness. Co-CEO of the Functional Medical Institute in Tulsa, OK. Had a successful private practice as a Tulsa doctor since 2002. Dr. Michele has been certified and trained through Cenegenics, BioTE Medical, Metagenics, Helm’s Medical Institute, and AMMG. She specializes in nutrition, medical food & supplementation, exercise prescription, rest, stress management, hormone balance and the Functional Movement.

Segment overview: Dr Mark Sherwood, ND, and Dr Michele Neil-Sherwood, DO, talk about genetic testing and bioidentical hormone replacement therapy.

Health Professional Radio – Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard, very glad that you could join us today. Our guest in studio this afternoon is Doctors Mark Sherwood and his wife Dr. Michele Sherwood, both of which practicing in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Functional Medical Institute – a wellness based medical practice there in Tulsa. And they’ve also authored the brand new book “The Quest for Wellness: A Practical and Personal Wellness Plan for Optimum Health in Your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit.” Welcome to Health Professional Radio Mark and Michele.

Dr. Mark Sherwood: Thank you so much for having us Neal. We really appreciate it.

Dr. Michele Sherwood: We’re glad to be here.

N: Great. We were talking before when you were here in studio with us in other segments about The Quest for Wellness and your philosophy, I guess to healing, both you and your wife are well-versed in naturopathy and you Michele, you’re also an Osteopathic Specialist as well, yeah?

Michele: Yes. I’m an Internal Medicine, board certified, Sports Medicine board certified Physician/Osteopath.

N: Yeah, so when I come to see you, I’m gonna be totally confident that you’re gonna be able to help me out. (Laughs)

Michele: (Laughs) You bet.

N: Absolutely.

Michele: We’re confident as well.

N: Your background is varied as well, Mark. 24 year Veteran of the Police Department there in Tulsa, on the SWAT team, an ex-pro-baseball player, a Motivational Speaker and Evangelist. Being an Evangelist and a Medical Practitioner, do you find that one helps the other more or less or is it just a very good mix? Talk about being a Minister and a Medical Practitioner.

Mark: Yeah. The idea of being a Minister and a Practitioner, they really do merge as one of the same. I mean it doesn’t matter really what a person believes, I mean in our belief paradigm, we believe that God is the ultimate Healer and we become agents or messengers of that healing. So the spirit of healing goes hand in hand with the physical healing and we believe in miracles. Even if you don’t believe as we believe in that, we all cannot deny that supernatural healings and miracles occur. I was watching television recently and heard about a young man who pled and even prayed over his father who had just died and he’d been dead for 45 minutes, already pronounced and miraculously with no explanation from a medical perspective, the man’s heartbeat began and he is alive today to tell about it. So we believe that there is that spiritual miraculous components of this and certainly being a Minister and an Evangelist, it fits and it never should have been separated from the idea of being a physician/healer.

N: In interviewing health practitioners pretty much daily, I have learned that there was a time when the spiritual aspect was more important than the physical aspect when it came to trying to heal someone or at least find out what was wrong with them. I guess a profit driven system of health care, we’ve begun to care less about health and more about what we can gain monetarily. It doesn’t seem to be the same when we’re talking about natural healing. In your opinion Dr. Michele, why do you think that natural healing modality is seemed to be far less driven from a natural aspect?

Michele: To answer your question, there’s less money behind it because it takes more time. You’ve got to slow down a little bit and you’ve got to listen into the life of the person that’s in front of you and if you’ve actually got to let them out of plan and just in a general system, you’re just seeing 40 patients a day, going as fast as you can, just trying to get secondary ancillary services done and quick and you’re missing the patient. By the time the end of the week, you don’t even know the name of the patient but you know the name of the disease, so in natural healing we have to slow down which we all really should do anyway to pay attention to who’s sitting in front of us.

N: Now I’m gonna ask a question Dr. Michele and I’m asking for a reason, just give me a short list of the services that you offer at the Functional Medical Institute.

Michele: Well we do the internal medicine, sports medicine piece which is general based medicine and then based on the person’s needs or desires we’ll move them into the wellness based practice, which that’s where Dr. Mark and other practitioners come in and they work with the patient one on one to see where are there the breakdowns. Are they in the physical, intellectual, emotional or in spiritual component? And where do we need to go to work with? Do we need to go to nutrition and use our DNA or do we need to go to bioidentical hormone therapy? So we’ve got a whole array of things to do with the patient to set them up for success.

N: Now does your book have testimonials in there?

Mark: Yes, it does and I think that testimonials are what really drive it because people want to know if it works but the book is introduced first with various testimonials from our own experiences in life to patients’ experiences and of course we use fictitious names with the patients but they’re real stories, real deals and real life and I think that’s the appeal of it.

N: Now I asked for the list of services and the testimonials. So you’ve got a long list, you didn’t even touched the surface of everything that you offer and you’ve got testimonials so you’ve got some proof that it works. It seems that offering these services in the way that you do is much more efficient, would you say that efficiency because you’re seeking total healing is the result as opposed to what we find in traditional medicine?

Mark: Totally agree with what you said because we had these services with the DNA testing, the bioidentical hormones, all of the other testings that we have at the bioimpedance machine for body composition, these things were all used to accomplish an end, the end being the patient getting well. We don’t just do these services to generate income as ancillary products, we look at them as tools that are to be applied appropriately and efficiently to give the best result for the patient. That patient being healthy, that patient having normal body composition which is defined as not excessive body fat and appropriate level of muscle tissue and they’re walking out of here with their time with us relatively pain free and relatively free of unnecessary use of medications.

N: Talk about Bioidentical hormone therapy.

Michele: Well I didn’t become a hormone expert because I love hormones. I became a hormone expert because my patients begged me to help them and when I was in traditional medicine, of course hormones were like the bad place to go but with the patients that would come to me because their life was falling apart, their marriages were falling apart, they were depressed all the time, they were hot flushing, night sweating, brain fogging, miserable so I say “Okay, I’ll step over the edge and see if I can help outside of the box and see if can help them”. Well Bioidentical hormone therapy is hormone therapy that is set up to administer hormones to the system that are as close to what the body makes as God designed it. I’m not a practitioner that’s gonna say there is no compromise or no risks to utilizing Bioidentical hormones but it is much less…useless and the system thrives when hormones are in balance. We see people get their lives back, we see emotional wrecks become stable and it’s not with anti-depressants and psychiatric medications, it’s actually with Bioidentical hormone balance.

N: So the hormones that we’re normally getting in traditional medicine, is the body basically trying to reject them because it doesn’t recognize them as something familiar to it and we have to basically force the body to accept it? Whereas in what you’re talking about, Bioidentical hormone therapy, are we getting these hormones from other people or how does that happen?

Michele: Well that’s a very a general way to put it the way you it about “Is the body rejecting it?” Well the body doesn’t see it as normal, the body doesn’t see it as what is naturally made. So the levels, the serum levels aren’t actually gonna change like they do with Bioidentical hormone therapy because it’s so similar to the system, it’s less likely to reject it, if you will. And these hormones, these Bioidentical hormones, they actually come from plants. Mother Nature’s natural substance plants help us derive Bioidentical hormone therapy.

N: Is this something that you recommend right off the bat as sort of a staple of the whole healing or are some people not candidates at all for any type of hormone treatment or therapy?

Michele: That is a fantastic area to explore because in our practice, a patient may come to me wanting hormones because they see that that’s what we do. What we look for is we look for the right system at the right time to put those hormones on board and what we find is that often if we will change the lifestyle piece and get the standard American diet under control, that system will get well and those biomarkers of health will correct themselves and those hormones will come into balance. Now if someone is obviously of age and the likelihood of regaining that balance is not there, we may start hormone therapy while we do a lifestyle change. This is very personal, it depends on who is sitting in that chair and let their whole health history is and what their assessment shakes out to be whether or not we go to hormones as our first go to or as part of our plan or after we’ve done the plan, we may add hormones.

N: In wrapping up, your book has phases, three phases in your book, The Quest for Wellness, in what phase does the book address breaking down some of the barriers that say athletes have when it comes to their body, training, their coach’s philosophy about how to heal and how to treat because some of these ideas when it comes to sports are very different from the ideas when you’re 20 something and you’re not an athlete. How do you address that and is it addressed in your book?

Mark: Yes, it is in all three areas because we know that the continuous development of ourselves, let’s pertain to sports, we must continue to develop our emotions because we know that emotions that are out of control are going to affect our performance and our performance will not be as optimum, the intellectual piece we need to keep learning the newest information and not think we have it all figured out because if we learn new techniques to maximize our performance that’s always a benefit and the essence of we are, that spiritual piece certainly affects the way we play the game, the way we sport, our ability to relate to other teammates. So it’s more than just a physical piece, you see athletes like Stephen Curry for example, that guy seems to have maximized all those four areas and we teach a person through these three phases to do exactly what he seems to mimic. I’ve never met the man but he seems to mimic those four phases in an excellent manner.

N: Great. Now let our listeners now where they can pick up a copy of your book.

Mark: You can get it on or go to our website and I think you mentioned that Neal and there are links to those various sites where our book can be picked up whether hardcopy or electronic copy.

N: And that is, yeah?

Mark: Yes sir, correct.

N: Alright, great. It’s been a pleasure speaking with both you and Michele. Thank you so much for being here. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio and we’ve been in studio talking with Dr. Mark Sherwood and Dr. Michele Sherwood about their brand new book, The Quest for Wellness: A Practical and Personal Wellness Plan for Optimum Health in Your Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit and we’ve also been talking about some of the ways that people can, well reverse the bad habits that they have when it comes to eating and nutrition and also the importance of looking at the whole person. Thank so much for both of you joining us today.

Mark: Neal, thanks for having us, we really appreciate it.

Michele: Glad to be here.

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