Early Influenza Detection in a Clinical Setting [transcript][audio]

Guest: Lucas Litewka

Presenter: Tabetha Moreto

Guest Bio: As a Senior Medical Scientist, Lucas worked on a broad portfolio of clinical neurological research, including: co-registration of MRI/PET/CT/SPECT for epilepsy surgery; and volumetric analysis of MRI to track progression of various neurological conditions.

Lucas is a Director and Board Member of ARCS Australia Ltd, a professional development association for people working in the development of therapeutic goods. Lucas is a member of various internal/external advisory committees focusing on strategy development, ICT Health initiatives, finance and risk management and fundraising.

Lucas joined the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) in 2015 as the inaugural Director of the USC Clinical Trials Centre.

Segment overview: Lucas Litewka talks about influenza and a new rapid detection device called ellume:lab Flu A+B Test, which was designed to promote early diagnosis of the treatable infectious illness in a point-of-care setting. This product includes a tool for taking a nasal sample, an eStick to detect flu antigens in the sample, and a phone-sized analysis unit. Lucas also talks about the difference between Influenza A and B, who are at risk of this disease, and how participating in clinical trials would help medical research in discovering better treatment options.

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