EcoGen BioSciences – CBD Therapeutics

Garrett Bain, President of EcoGen BioSciences in Grand Junction, Colorado, discusses the increased demand for CBD therapeutics.  He talks about the difference between hemp and cannabis and the associated therapeutics.  He also talks about the withdrawal of the FDA’s proposal to regulate the over-the-counter sales of CBD, and what this means to the industry. 

Garrett Bain, Chief Commercial Officer at Kadenwood and President of EcoGen BioSciences.Garrett is a trailblazer in the hemp and CBD space. He led sales and marketing for GenCanna from the early stages to one of the largest players in the global market – achieving revenue growth of over $100m in three years. His focus on integrating mainstream business practices into the hemp-derived CBD space helped to validate the industry and foster growth across multiple channels. Prior to hemp, Garrett was a VP of Sales in consumer goods distribution, servicing the global leaders of big box retail and ecommerce. His execution-oriented, “lead from the front” style, can be attributed to his time serving as a Special Operations Team Leader with the 75th Ranger Regiment. He is a combat veteran who pursues the objective with a relentless commitment to his team and achieving success.

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