Effective Learning Systems – WiseGuide App

Jeff Griswold, President of Effective Learning Systems discusses the WiseGuide App, which are unique audio programs that use meditation as a technique to achieve a state of mindfulness and deeper learning and why these programs are so effective in establishing long-term change. He talks about the origin of the programs and some of the topics that are covered. 

Jeff Griswold is the President of Effective Learning Systems, maker of The WiseGuide App. He has more than 20 years of experience in the education and personal development fields. Under his leadership, Effective Learning Systems has expanded its product offering, published multiple bestselling titles and has helped hundreds of thousands of people improve their lives. His intimate knowledge of the personal development and self-help markets provides him with unique insight into the needs of individuals and organizations and the benefits that can be gained by implementing effective programs.

Prior to working with Effective Learning Systems, Jeff established and managed learning content partnerships at a leading learning software company, managed the regional expansion at a K-12 supplemental education subsidiary of The Washington Post Company, and was a consultant with McKinsey and Company.

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