Elysium Health – BASIS [transcript] [audio]

Segment Overview: Dr. Lenny Guarente, world-renowned scientist in the field of aging and a professor at MIT, talks about Elysium Health and a product called BASIS.

Guest: Dr. Lenny Guarente

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guest Bio: Leonard P. Guarente is the director of MIT’s Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging, where he is a Novartis Professor of Biology. Dr. Guarente is best known for his research in longevity, in which his lab discovered that sirtuins, a type of protein, slow the aging process in a wide variety of organisms. He is the author of “Ageless Quest: One Scientist’s Search for Genes That Prolong Youth.” In addition, Dr. Guarente is also co-founder and chief scientist of Elysium Health, a company dedicated to delivering scientific breakthroughs in health and making them accessible to consumers.

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