Energy Focus – LED Technology for Healthcare

John Davenport, Chief Scientist of Energy Focus, discusses fluorescent lighting and first-generation LED lights and how the flicker can affect us and may also interfere with hospital equipment.  He discusses the recent advances in LED lighting that is flicker-free and the advantages of having fluorescent lighting retrofitted with state of the art LED lighting. The LED lighting is also poised to transform ordinary environments into smart environments as health care institutions adopt the Internet of Things (IoT) across their facilities.

Prior to joining Energy Focus, Mr. Davenport served as President of Unison Fiber Optic Lighting Systems. He began his career at GE Lighting as a physicist, research and development manager and as development manager for high performance LED projects. He is a recognized global expert in light sources, lighting systems and lighting applications. He developed numerous advanced lighting products for GE Lighting, including the blue Xenon headlamp currently used in automobiles. For Energy Focus, Mr. Davenport has led the development of a range of LED lighting products. He is the author of more than 125 patents. He received a Master’s degree in Physics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics from John Carroll University.

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