Enveric Biosciences – Therapeutic Psychedelics

Dr. Bob Dagher, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Enveric Biosciences, a biotechnology company dedicated to developing novel small-molecule therapeutics to transform the treatment of anxiety, depression, and addiction disorders discusses the company’s lead candidate, a next-generation, psilocybin analogue (psychedelics), that has been rationally designed to optimize delivery, offer dosing flexibility, and achieve therapeutic benefit at a low dose. Enveric has harnessed the world’s foremost library of psychedelic derivatives, The Psybrary™, a unique discovery, and development platform.

Dr. Bob Dagher has over 20 years of clinical research experience within neuroscience in academia and industry organizations and has fostered the development of several small molecule drugs and biologics across all stages of drug development, targeting the treatment of psychiatric, neurological and rare diseases.

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