Eysz – Medtech Startup Developing Tech that Detect Epileptic Seizures to Improve Outcomes Faster

Dr. Rachel Kuperman, MD, CEO and Founder of Eysz, a medtech/AI startup, discusses the company’s AI-enabled Epilepsy Management Platform that they are building that uses passive eye movements to detect and track seizures and neurocognitive side effects in order to help get patients on the right medication sooner.  She also talks about their equity crowdfunding offering through the Bioverge Portal that enables the epilepsy community the opportunity to receive equity in Eysz in return for investing in the further development of the platform.  

Neurologist with dual certification in epilepsy and neurology with over 10 years’ experience directing the clinical epilepsy and research programs at UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, Oakland

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