Fabulously 50 and Integrative Medicine [transcript][audio]

Guest: Dr. Mylaine Riobe, MD

Presenter: Neal Howard

Guests Bio: Dr Riobe’s undergraduate studies were completed at Columbia University/Columbia College in NYC where she grew up.  She obtained her medical degree at NY Medical College and completed her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Medical College of Pennsylvania and the University of South Carolina.  There she learned conventional medical practices that she used following her graduation and board certification in OB/GYN.

Segment overview: Fabulously 50 has announced that it will be featuring Mylaine Riobe, Director of Riobe Institute of Integrative Health, as a regular health columnist in upcoming issues. Fabulously 50 is a quarterly tabletop magazine specializing in health, travel, food, fashion and more. The magazine is dedicated exclusively to members of the 50+ community who seek luxurious and edgy lifestyles. Dr. Riobe discusses her practice and her contributions to the publication.


Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to the program. I’m your host Neal Howard here on Health Professional radio. So glad that you could tune in with us today. Our guest is returning to speak with us. It’s been quite a while since we spoke with Dr. Mylaine Riobe. She’s here to talk about her groundbreaking techniques which pinpoint the root of many major diseases using both Eastern and Western modalities and she’s also going to talk about the recent announcement of Fabulously 50, saying that they’re going to start featuring her as a regular contributor. It’s a magazine that’s geared to the 50-plus community. Welcome back to the program Dr. Riobe, how are you?

Dr. Mylaine Riobe: I’m doing great Neal. Thank you for having me back.

N: Last time, we talked about your integrative medicine practice there in Florida. Give our listeners who are familiar with you a little bit of background about yourself and then we’ll start talking about Fabulously 50, okay?

R: Sure. I’m a board-certified integrative medical doctor and also board-certified ob gyn. I’ve been in practice for about 16 years and for 8 and a half years, I’ve been doing strictly integrative medicine because I find that it works much, much better for more chronic symptoms and conditions that face men and women today. So while our conventional system is excellent for acute life-threatening disorders, it’s not we’re finding out that it’s just not as good for the chronic conditions that most of us face and the chronic symptoms that we have such as weight gain, fatigue. So integrative medicine excels with that and that’s what I do here in Florida.

N: And you’re also a speaker, you do quite a bit of public speaking. What type of reception have you been receiving from practitioners of regular healthcare in the United States?

R: Well, it was a rough go in the beginning when I first started practicing integrative medicine especially here in Florida. People just didn’t understand what it was. They were very reluctant to refer patients to me because they just didn’t know what I was doing. And through the years, what they’ve learned is I’m simply doing what we all learned in medical school and that is to restore body physiology and proper body function using natural methods rather than prescription drugs, and surgeries and things like that. And so over the years, they’ve become much more receptive to sending patients to me to take care of the chronic conditions that our conventional system is not as good at dealing with. So I do a lot of hormone replacement therapy and there’s a lot of controversy. But when you use natural hormones, the controversy almost goes away, the controversy is in the artificial hormones not the natural ones. So they sent patients to me because of my expertise in managing hormone balance, and managing nutrition, in restoring body function and physiology. So I get a much warmer reception today than I did about 8 years ago.

N: Do you feel that just folks knowing that you combine the two when you see that as necessary, do you think that lends itself to a little bit more ease of acceptance in addition to some of the other factors that have made it easier for you in these last few years?

R: Definitely, I mean being a board-certified medical doctor and having gone through conventional medical training is important. I think what we see is certain holistic practitioners who don’t have a significant medical background or sometimes these acute life-threatening conditions. And so having a balance of both is critically important for credibility for people to have confidence that if someone has appendicitis, you’ll be able to diagnose that. If someone has cancer, you’ll be able to diagnose that. So that lends a lot of credibility. I keep up with my board re-certification in obstetrics and gynecology as well as integrative medicine. And so what I do is I give people the information that they need to make an informed decision about their health. So I have patients who simply need surgery and we’ve exhausted other options and I’ll make that recommendation then and I will refer them to a qualified surgeon that I’ve worked with or that I know really well. And so I think it gives confidence on both sides. Confidence to the patient that I have my feet in both worlds and also confidence to the other doctors that I have my feet in both worlds.

N: Now, I want to talk about this recent announcement from Fabulously 50 magazine. But before I do, do you find that folks who are 50-plus more readily accept new methods, holistic methods, integrative methods rather than some of our younger folks who maybe are so entrenched in their traditional that they haven’t yet grown as it were?

R: Well, it depends. What I find is, you almost have to break it up into demographic groups. People that are more successful just happen to also be the ones that take better care of themselves and they tend to be the ones that know that, “I need to exercise and I need to eat right. I need to sleep. I need to take supplements. I need to balance my hormones.”. And they almost already make that link that my wealth is because I’m healthy. And so those people are much more amenable to be in a program such as mine. So it almost doesn’t matter what age they are. It almost matters what economic group they fall into and studies are actually bearing that out. Unfortunately, people who don’t make as much money don’t have access to the information. They can’t afford many times to pay outside of what their insurance will cover and so they tend to be much more recalcitrant to this type of information. So I find that it I have patients as old as 89 and as young as 8. And it expands the whole gamut and it really just depends on the career track that that they’re on or that they’ve been on. So business owners, entrepreneurs they tend to embrace this stuff a lot more. So I can’t say that it’s necessarily age.

N: Well in speaking about age and being not necessarily the defining factor in accepting or not. Fabulously 50, it’s a coffee-table book that’s geared toward folks who were 50-plus in a certain demographic as you were talking about. Talk about your involvement and your I guess ongoing contribution to this magazine?

R: Well it’s been fun for their progressive magazine and the first article was really just getting to know me, what my exercise habits, nutrition habits were and how I practice medicine. The next edition is we’re talking about ‘Safely Using Botox’. So they have their beauty and fashion edition coming out this fall. So I did an article for them about patients who choose to use Botox and how they can use it more safely and other alternatives that they can use as well. So it’s been fun. They’re very progressive. I’m only one year away from being thrift to myself. So I’m definitely in that demographic as well. So it’s been exciting.

N: In wrapping up doctor, we’d like to get some more information about you and your practice, where can we go online and learn about your center the Riobe Institute of Integrative Health?

R: Yes. We’re online at riobeintegrativemedicine.com and we are also on Facebook and there’s lots of information, you can join our newsletter, my two books ‘About Integrative Medicine’ and ‘The Answer to Cancer’ on our website for purchase as well if anyone wants to have more information. And we just launched our online store for supplements as well this week. So lots of exciting things happening.

N: Well I’m glad that you could come back. Thank you so much for taking the time Dr. Mylaine Riobe. Thank you and I’m hoping you’ll come back.

R: Definitely Neal. I’m looking forward to it. Thank you.

N: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard in studio with Dr. Mylaine Riobe who has worked with hundreds of clients successfully treating their chronic conditions and symptoms including fatigue, weight gain, anxiety depression and a whole lot more using Eastern and Western medical practices. Transcripts and audio of the program are available at healthprofessionalradio.com.au and also at hpr.fm. Visit our affiliates page when you visit us and download and listen in at SoundCloud.

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