Fall Prevention For Seniors

Taylor Harrison
Presenter: Katherine Lodge
Guest: Taylor Harrison
Guest Bio: Taylor is a chiropractor who runs two busy Active Seniors Health Centre clinics in Sydney. One is on the North Shore and the other one is on the Northern Beaches.

Segment Overview:
Taylor tells us about his research and findings on Fall Prevention for elderly citizens.


Health Professional Radio

Katherine Lodge: Thank you for listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m Katherine, and today we are joined by Taylor Harrison. Taylor is a chiropractor who decided to head in a very different direction after having an elderly, close family friend pass away from a fall. He changed his thesis to Fall Prevention in the Elderly, and used his findings from his research to open the Active Seniors Health Care Centre in June of 2006. Today, Taylor joins us to talk about his research and findings on fall prevention. Welcome to our show, Taylor.

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