Families Fighting Flu

Serese Marotta, is the Chief Operating Officer of Families Fighting Flu (FFF), an advocacy organization dedicated to protecting the lives of children and families by raising awareness about the seriousness of flu and the importance of annual flu vaccination. She shares her own story of losing her 5 yr old son to influenza. She has developed educational materials and works tirelessly to help others.  

Serese Marotta is the Chief Operating Officer for Families Fighting Flu, a national non-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to saving lives and reducing hospitalizations by protecting children and their families against influenza through education and advocacy. Serese originally came to Families Fighting Flu in 2010 following the loss of her five year old son, Joseph, to the flu in 2009. Serese served on the Board of Directors for the organization for six years before coming on-staff in May 2016 as the COO. Prior to joining Families Fighting Flu, Serese worked as an environmental scientist for 16 years at a consulting firm conducting ecological and human health risk assessments for hazardous waste sites. She now works tirelessly to raise awareness about the seriousness of flu and the critical importance of annual flu vaccination for everyone six months and older.  

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