FibroBiologics – Fibroblasts – The Regenerative Medicine That Will Replace Stem Cells

Dr. Hamid Khoja, Chief Scientific Officer at FibroBiologics, a regenerative medicine company developing treatment for chronic diseases using fibroblasts, talks about what fibroblasts are and how it could replace stem cell technology.  The company’s indication of focus is multiple sclerosis and their fibroblast technology has demonstrated the ability to remyelinate nerve cells in pre-clinical studies. Small human efficacy studies have thus far demonstrated that treatment with fibroblasts helps improve the cognition and finger dexterity of MS patients. 

Dr. Hamid Khoja, Chief Scientific Officer, earned his Ph.D. in Molecular Biology at Boston University. He achieved the Dean’s List at Stanford University and received a Bachelor of Science from University of Southern California. He has a combined experience of 26 years developing genomic, proteomics, and epigenetics assays, tools, and protocols, for use in drug discovery/development, and clinical diagnostics.

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