Free Artificial intelligence application to reduce monopoly in healthcare

Dr. Aswini Misro talks about building a free artificial intelligence application to reduce monopoly in healthcare and to educate the patient.

Dr. Aswini Misro, a Fellow of American College of Surgeon(FACS) and member of many international prestigious national and international organization and societies, is a surgeon and endoscopist working in the NHS. His area of expertise is clinical artificial intelligence, clinical machine learning, and digital healthcare technologies. He is working on many research projects at Kings College London, Northwick-Park & Hillingdon Hospital, NewHam University Hospital and St Bart’s NHS Trust to humanize healthcare by use of futuristic technologies and artificial intelligence and democratize healthcare by providing top-quality healthcare access to every global citizen irrespective of their location. One of his current project is to provide top-quality cancer care services to low and medium countries such as Africa and improve cancer survival in those countries.

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