Gaming and Headaches

Dr. Elizabeth Seng, clinical psychologist and Excedrin head pain expert discusses new survey results about gamers and headaches, her medical perspective on common headache triggers, methods to treat gaming and screen-related headaches and the impact of too much screen time on overall health.  She talks about  Excedrin’s new 6-step mindfulness routine to help gamers (and non-gamers alike) thwart headaches so “Game Over” becomes “Game On”.

Dr. Elizabeth Seng is a clinical psychologist and Excedrin head pain expert who specializes in the study and treatment of headache disorders, chronic pain, and other health problems influenced by stress. She specializes in modifying behaviors, thoughts, and lifestyle factors in an effort to improve management of headache disorders. Dr. Seng has been researching factors associated with migraine-related disability and migraine treatment for fifteen years.

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