Gap Between Midwifery And Traditional Medical Community

Irene Chain-Kalinowski
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest: Irene Chain-Kalinowski
Guest Bio: Irene Chain-Kalinowski is a registered nurse and registered midwife with a post-graduate degree in health sciences. She has served as a midwife in the Middle East, United Kingdom and her native New Zealand. Her new book is MY BODY MY BABY: Take Charge of Your Childbirth Experience and Celebrate It. Visit

Segment Overview
Irene Kalinowski talks about the gap that exists between Midwives and the Traditional Medical Community where integrative practices and the sharing of information is concerned.


Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello. You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host, Neal Howard. Glad that you could be with us today. Childbirth is a very serious, a very beautiful thing. Many women sometimes are fearful of the process. Sometimes, people that are assisting our mothers-to-be aren’t as personal as they could be. Our guest in studio today is returning to speak with us for a while – Ms Irene Chain-Kalinowski, trained as a midwife in South Yorkshire, England, and has practised midwifery on three continents: Europe, and the Middle East and New Zealand.

She’s been assisting our mothers-to-be for 34 years or so, and she’s been all around. She’s seen it all when it comes to childbirth. And she’s here today to speak with us about some breaking news. I received an email from Irene, and there’s an absolutely game-changing statement that she’s just discovered, by some of our top medical authorities. How are you doing today, Irene?

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