Gaumard – Training Simulators

James Archetto, Vice President at Gaumard Scientific, designers and manufacturers of state-of-the-art, robot-like, patient simulators, discusses the advantages of simulation-based training and how it is improving COVID-19 readiness along with helping clinicians to develop the skills to use a ventilator.  The simulators are incredibly life-like and engage the emotions of the learner.

James Archetto is Vice President at Gaumard Scientific, a Florida-based company that creates simulators for major teaching hospitals and nursing schools, medical military training, and emergency medical services. Mr. Archetto leads the domestic sales team ensuring that customers receive the optimal simulation solution and the best support in the industry. He has more than 25 years of medical device, international business, and medical research expertise. Mr. Archetto received a BS degree in biology from the University of Vermont, and his MBA in marketing and international finance from the University of Rhode Island.

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