Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute Biotechnology Training

The Gloucester Marine Genomics Institute (GMGI) in Gloucester, Massachusetts has recently received Workforce Skills Capital Grants to expand its facilities and purchase biomanufacturing equipment in order to train an even bigger group of Academy students for careers in biotechnology, an industry that is desperate for talent / trained professionals.  Here to talk about this news and the future of training top biotechnology workers to meet the industry’s ever-growing demand is Chief Operating Officer Chris Bolzan.

Chris Bolzan is a seasoned leader with experience in financial services, entrepreneurship, and higher education. Most recently, Chris served as Director of Career Education at MIT’s Sloan School of Management, overseeing the team providing career development across the portfolio of graduate business degrees. Previously, Chris was a leadership coach with Harvard Business School, Managing Partner of a private equity executive search practice in NYC, and Vice President of Emerging Markets with JP Morgan, where she worked in the US and abroad. Chris is passionate about expanding access to STEM education opportunities, was an elected School Committee Chair in her community, and served on the Boards of multiple education organizations including Wesleyan University’s President’s Council. She is a Wesleyan alum where she received a Bachelor’s degree in Government. Chris and her husband have lived on the North Shore for nearly 20 years and enjoy spending time on Cape Ann’s beaches with their three daughters.

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