Gout Awareness

Dr. Robert Keenan, Adjunct Clinical Professor at Duke University School of Medicine discusses gout, how serious gout can be if left unmanaged which can lead to long-term issues like bone erosion and joint damage; and what it means to have uncontrolled gout, (meaning it can’t be controlled with treatment) which can lead to issues like chronic kidney disease, diabetes, and heart disease.  He talks about how stigma around the condition often prevents people from getting help because they think they are to blame for poor food choices but factors like genetics and preexisting conditions play a much larger role. 

Dr. Robert Keenan is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at Duke University School of Medicine and spent the last 11 years with Duke University Health System in roles that included Vice Chief for Clinical Affairs for the Division of Rheumatology, Associate Chief Medical Officer of the Patient Revenue Management Organization for the Duke Health System, founding Director of the Gout and Crystal Arthropathy Clinic, and Medical Director of the Duke Specialty Infusion Center. He obtained his Master of Business Administration at the University of Massachusetts- Amherst during his time at Duke University. Dr. Keenan is actively involved in clinical research and has published several peer reviewed articles and book chapters on gout and uveitis. He is a member of the American College of Rheumatology and the American Medical Association.

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