GRYT Health Partners with Bristol Myers Squibb to Host Third Annual Virtual Cancer Conference

Dave Craig, two-time cancer survivor, co-founder and CEO of GRYT Health, a digital oncology company that empowers people to be in charge of their own health through education, engagement and support, discusses the partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb to host the third annual Global Virtual Cancer Conference (GVCC) November 11-13, 2021.   The conference is a completely free and virtual program designed to bring resources and a voice to patients regardless of their geography, finances, or treatment status.    Since its inception in 2019, GVCC had over 5,000 attendees from 50 countries, featured 200 speakers and housed 100 virtual booths from patient advocacy organizations.    He also talks about why GVCC was created and how it is transforming the way pharma listens to patients.

Dave Craig is a two-time cancer survivor, oncology researcher, and patient experience champion. He is CEO and co-founder of GRYT (“grit”) Health, a digital health company that connects individuals with similar experiences and engages them to inform, support, and facilitate improved disease management and patient well-being.  Through GRYT’s global oncology platform and work with the top healthcare organizations, we help advance the treatment, care, and experience of those affected by cancer. We do this through research, marketing, and clinical trial services that put people and caregivers first, integrating the patient experience – from early-stage treatments through long-term survivorship – to ultimately improve health outcomes.  

In his recent TED Talk, Dave describes how he has catalyzed personal adversity, patient experience research, and digital technology to create a platform to connect, empower, and transform the living-with-cancer experience.

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