Heal with help, don’t be a loner


Presenter: Neal
Guest: Janette Hillis-Jaffee
Guest Bio: Janette Hillis-Jaffe is an author and health consultant.  She has a Masters in Public Health from Harvard and has spent thousands of hours studying peer counseling, nutrition, physiology, stress reduction, and the health care system during her successful effort to heal from her own six-year debilitating autoimmune disorder.   She founded Heal for Real, a personal health transformation initiative to help others reach their optimal health and fulfill their potential. For more information on her work, please go to www.HealforRealNow.com

Segment Overview

Janette Hillis-Jaffee talks about her initiative to help people recover from illnesses through lifestyle changes.  She also offers advice to those who may have trouble forming a support group.


HPR – Health Professional Radio

Neal Howard: Hello.  You’re listening to Health Professional Radio.  I’m your host, Neal Howard.  Glad that you could join us today.

Many of us are suffering with diseases and illnesses that we can’t quite get a handle on, thinking that maybe this is something that we’re going to have to suffer with for the rest of our lives.  That is not necessarily the case.

A great illustration of that not being the case is our guest in studio today, Ms. Janette Hillis-Jaffee.  She suffered from an autoimmune disorder for six years, a debilitating disease, thought that she wasn’t going to ever get better, until she made a decision to get better and found a great support group to give her some great information.  Now she’s here today to share some of that information with us.

How are you doing today, Janette?

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