What Nurses Say About Career Satisfaction [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Marcia_Faller_2015_Survey_Registered_Nurses_CareerGuest: Dr. Marcia Faller
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Marcia Faller, PhD, RN, is the Chief Clinical Officer for AMN Healthcare. Throughout her tenure with AMN, Dr. Faller has championed the development of consistent quality standards for credentialing and competency evaluation of healthcare professionals, setting AMN apart in the industry and giving it a name synonymous with quality healthcare professionals.

Segment overview: In this segment, Marcia Faller, PhD, RN, discusses what she has learned from the nurses survey regarding the interest nurses have about education and training, and some of the mixed viewpoints nurses have about their jobs.


Health Professional Radio – Registered Nurses Career

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. Nearly two-thirds of baby boomer nurses are considering retiring, leaving the workforce even as more people require more and more nurses. The demand for RNs is rising rapidly even as 62% of nurses over the age of 54 are considering retirement, sometime within the next 3 years or so. Our guest in studio today is Dr. Marcia Faller PhD and RN, also Chief Clinical Officer for AMN Healthcare. Her background is in critical care nursing, earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing from University of Arizona, as well a Master of Science in Nursing and Doctorate in Nursing from the University of San Diego. And Dr. Faller is on the Board of Directors for the Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices and on The Joint Commission Advisory Board for the Healthcare Staffing Services Certification Program. She’s here today to give us a little bit about her background and what led her to become so passionate about offering staffing solutions in the healthcare industry. How are you doing today Dr. Faller?

Dr. Marcia Faller: I’m doing very Neal, thank you.

N: As the Chief Clinical Officer for AMN Healthcare, could you briefly tell our listeners exactly what it is that AMN does?

F: So AMN is healthcare staffing and workforce solution organization with the nation’s leading company in this industry. We provide healthcare professionals to the largest and most prestigious healthcare providers across the country, those are contingents and permanent staff. We also provide advanced workforce management program which we call “workforce solution.” This include manages services program which take care of all administrative, recruiting, and credentialing responsibility for part or all the facility’s workforce, and we offer technology enable system for managing your workforce. We also have a new offering and predictive analytics that can actually forecast the healthcare provider’s staffing needs, even as far as 90 days into the future.

N: uh huh.

F: And then finally we have a Superior Education delivery Program in the Center for the Advancement of Healthcare Professionals.

N: Now prior to becoming the chief clinical officer for AMN Healthcare, you were involved in something quite different. Were you not?

F: Well, I was Neal. I started my career in critical care nursing and spent about 5 years at the bedside. My specialty was really the cardiac side and not the surgical side. But any areas that I truly loved and being close to the patient. I moved into nurse recruitment after that and spent several years with the large healthcare system in Southern California in the recruitment aspect and really it was through that wall that I met the then owner of AMN Healthcare it was American Mobile Nurses at that particular point in time, a very small travel nurse company. And I made the move to join that organization as the VP of nursing at that time and have really grown my career in developing the roles needed as an organization grows from a very small company to AMN is now publicly traded. And we have more than 8,000 clinicians on assignment. My responsibility with the organization is to ensure the quality of every single one of those clinicians and make sure that they are credentialed completely and qualified to work in that position that in which replace them.

N: Now you mentioned that AMN started out as a small staffing agency, basically traveling nurses?

F: That’s right.

N: Now that you’ve grown to such a prominent stature, you’re focusing on the quality of your product. The focus that you’re sending out into the workforce, how does AMN balance quality staffing with quality education of your clients? So that the people that you send are put in positions where they’re not going to be considering retirement until they’re 54 or older?

F: Right. So in the nursing space and understand too AMN does more than nursing now, we also place allied health professionals, advanced practice nurses and physicians. But when I look at the nursing space only, the people that are applying and working to AMN are actually much younger than the average age of nurses. So the average age of nurses right now well over half of nurses are 50 now. Our average ages AMN is running a little more around 36 to 37. So they typically have 5 or 10 years of experience under their belt so they’re well experienced people. And they’re moving into temporary usually 3 months contract position at healthcare organizations across the country. So those nurses are not among those that are likely to retire, in fact they probably have moved into travel nursing because with one of the 5 dissatisfaction reasons – inadequate pay, short staffing, difficulties with the leadership, and those sorts of things are really to dissatisfy, or is that nurses fee. They may have moved into travel nursing to get away from some of those aspects and experience something different, likely not to retire. But we’re in helping our clients is that those nurses may, if they find that workplace very positive and one that they think they’re gonna like.

N: Uh huh.

F: Many of those nurses stay on with those clients in a regular full time position after they finished their assignment with us.

N: Is AMN in the practice of offering some type of transitional position to someone that is considering retirement, a program of nurses educating nurses within AMN?

F: That falls within our Center for the advancement of healthcare professionals and that is where we will work with our client to customize the program particular to their needs.

N: Uh huh.

F: When you talk to organizations across the country, the problems and issues they’re having are different. So a one side solution is just not gonna fit everyone. So we will work with our clients so that we may bring in additional nurses to educate them in certain areas or there maybe nurses that we just move from one area of the organization to the other. But the big focus that we have right now Neal is getting our clients to understand that nurses are retiring. So that we can help them fill that gap as those nurses start to leave.

N: Are you involved in educating or I guess offering advice to upper management as they received this people in the workforce , not just going to receive these new folks and have no idea with the mindset of today nurse is?

F: No, absolutely not. Our programs, we really look into making sure that education program with knowledge of the client, but there is certain key things that we think are very important. Teaching nurses how to develop trusting relationships with patients so that the satisfaction score and the satisfaction and engagement of the patient for the higher is really, really important. So those are things that we can deliver to our clients as well. And we produce these programs really to help our clients get into an area where they can sustain the program, continuing so that they’re not always gonna have to call on AMN to help. But now they got sustainable program that will help them deliver whether as an example, 15 operating room nurses every year or every 6 months for the next 3 years. They’re able to replace those retiring nurses that are gonna be giving their notices.

N: As a huge healthcare provider, being involved in continuing education and quality relationship with your clients. As these nurses are seeking employment, how much are you involved in sending specialized nurses? Is that something pretty much part of the course or are you more involved in nurses that are trained and knowledgeable in more general nursing?

F: Neal nurses in general are traded across the spectrum.

N: Okay.

F: In the survey report that we developed we kind of show the responses related to each particular specialty. So AMN, so all of the nurses across the country are kind of focused in these different specialties, 65% of them are working in hospitals, only 1% of those are travel nurses. But the travel nurses that we’re providing though comes across all specialties as well.

N: Okay.

F: So your cardiovascular, ICU nurses, your neonatal intensive care nurses, labor and delivery – AMN is able to supply all of those.

N: Do you see a surge for the future in a particular specialty that’s gonna be in the highest demand?

F: The critical care areas have been in the highest demand for several years. This year we’re seeing and I think it’s more related to the Affordable Care Act that really a surge in emergency room needs – and that goes for both nurses and physician. The emergency departments have been basically exploding since I think the ACA implemented that the insurance program is now 14 – 15 Million, more people have access to insurance and access to care that didn’t before. And actually that care now is reimbursable to a hospital, so kind of pluses on those both side there. But we definitely see the critical care areas that will continue to grow. The hospitals are becoming more and more places to manage, the critically ill as opposed and the outpatient setting in the home, is really well we’ll be managing those are acutely ill. So I see nothing but the height, the critical specialties continuing to grow.

N: Great. And let our listeners know where they can get more information about AMN Healthcare.

F: Sure absolutely Neal. The website is www.amnhealthcare.com and our 2015 Survey of Registered Nurses is available online at that website.

N: You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard, in studio speaking with Marcia Faller PhD, RN, and CCO for AMN Healthcare. We’ve been here talking about AMN and about the coming surge of nurses, who we’re going to be leaving our workforce. It’s been great having you here with us today Dr. Faller.

F: Thank you for having me Neal.

N: Thank you so much. Transcript and audio of this program are available at healthprofessionalradio.com.au and also at hpr.fm and you can subscribe to our podcast on iTunes.

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