Addressing Eyebrow Thinning due to Chemotherapy [Interview][Transcript]

Renata_Vestevich_Advanced_Hair_SolutionsGuest: Renata Vestevich
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Renata Marie Vestevich is the owner and director of Advanced Hair Solutions, LLC, in Auburn Hills, Michigan. Her career covers a 30-year span in cosmetology and the hair replacement industry.
Vestevich studied nursing and was employed for 7 years in the medical field prior to pursuing her dream of creating and operating her own salon.
Renata is also an award-winning author. Her book, Grant Me My Final Wish: A Personal Journal to Simplify Life’s Inevitable Journey, was designed to help individuals organize vital information and details from their personal documents, plan for end-of-life issues, and express their lifelong values and insights.

Segment overview: Renata Vestevich, owner and director of Advanced Hair Solutions LLC, in Auburn Hills, Michigan, discusses , EES™, Essential Eyebrow Solution, a patented, topical formulation that is used cosmetically to address eyebrow thinning. EES™ also focuses on those who lose their eyebrows during chemotherapy specifically.


Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to the program I’m your host Neal Howard. Thank you for joining us here today on this health supplier segment at Health Professional Radio. We’re talking today with Renata Marie, she’s the owner and director of ‘Advance Hair Solutions’ in Auburn Hills, Michigan. She’s here with us to talk with about EES – Essential Eyebrow Solutions. It’s a patent to topical formulation that’s huge to address eyebrows thinning. Welcome to the Health Professional Radio Renata.

Renata Marie Vestevich: Thank you Neal, it’s good to be with you and to your listeners today.

N: Thank you for joining us. Now you’re the director of ‘Advance Hair Solutions’. How long has ‘Advanced Hair Solutions’ been in existence and why did you start the company?

R: That’s a great question I’d love to answer. I did involved Neal in the cosmetology and hair replacement industry in the last 30 years. I owned and operated the whole service salon for about 10 years and I really enjoyed it. However, I found that many of my clients were ruffling with hair loss issues and I was unable to help them. Then my sister-in-law was diagnosed with leukemia and her battle with the disease and subsequent hair loss there in her chemotherapy treatment were devastating. So those experiences inspired me to further my professional education. The last 18 years my mission has been focused on working with man, woman and children who are experiencing hair loss in connection with chemotherapy treatment as well as serious other causes at the answer solutions which is my hair replacement studio in Auburn Hills, Michigan.

N: Now EES, its a patent to topical formula. How did you come up with the Essential Eyebrow Solutions?

R: Well Neal working in the hair replacement industry for many years now. I’m reminded daily how emotionally distressing hair loss can be, whether it’s related to chemotherapy treatment or other causes. At my business we are able to help our clients and particular cancer patients conceal the loss of their scalp hair through the use of beautiful natural looking replacements. However it’s much more difficult to conceal the lost of their eyebrows and our eyebrows are very important facial feature. In addition to protecting our eyes, they frame our face, they make us more attractive and they help conveys certain expressions and emotions. Because they were known natural products available to address eyebrows thinning or complete eyebrow loss. It was the parent that we were stays with the problems, without a solution and I thought it would be terrific if I could come up with something to solve this problem. I collaborated with the prominent research laboratory and embark on us 6 years long process to develop and patent EES – Essential Eyebrows Solutions.

N: You’ve mentioned the importance of the eyebrows even more important than the hair loss on the head especially as the result of chemotherapy. Talk about the psychological aspects of eyebrow problems, the thinning or just the disappearing of the eyebrow.

R: Yes. I think most people take their eyebrows for granted and that is until they find that their eyebrows are beginning to thin because of aging or they’re face with medical challenges such as chemotherapy treatment and they told that they may lose their eyebrows completely. In the office supplies the men as well, for many men, hair loss during chemotherapy negatively affects. The result perception over …masculinity. Losing their eyebrow is a very visible find of their illness. In fact, many men have strong interest in this product as well because even though it’s socially acceptable for men to be bald, they still value their eyebrows highly. With regards to chemotherapy, study show that personal appearance directly affects the self esteem and psychological well being of cancer patients. Chemotherapy induced hair losses very traumatic and it raise among psychologically painful side effects of cancer treatments. As I was mentioned earlier while scalp hair loss can be disguise the loss of eyebrows can be difficult to hide and it’s often perceived by patients as an unwelcome very visible signs of their illness. We conducted in in-depth survey of 95 cancer patients who have recently undergone chemotherapy or on currently on treatment. The results demonstrated that one into look naturally normal and maintaining oneself esteem where the two primary concerns and 85% of the cancer patients interviewed expressed strong interests in using a product that could help retain their eyebrows during treatment. Recognizing the emotional importance of the healthy appearance on during chemotherapy treatment. I am just very clarified that we’re able to provide the EES product to individuals with benefit comment.

H: Why do you think it is that they know their products that was specifically clinically tested and design for eyebrows? Isn’t eyebrow hair the same as the hair notice on your body?

R: That’s actually a great question. Whereas very often if the scalp work a for scalp hair loss too. The EES solutions has been specifically formulated and clinically tested for use only on eyebrow hair. Although black cohosh which will give in to the formulate a little bit more as well, but it has been used as an ingredient in scalp hair loss remedies. Because there was no standardized utilization or application of this use supply black cohosh, the safety enough because they have the EES …was established in our preliminary open label those range in study of our chemotherapy subjects. Aren’t sure the structures play role but we do know that eyebrow hair differs from scalp hair in several aspects and our research team discovered that eyebrow follicles responded positively to the properties of black cohosh which is the principle ingredients in our formulation.

N: What exactly is black cohosh?

R: Black cohosh is a perennial plant, it grows in the United States as well as other places around the world. It’s been used worldwide for any, many years to treat the whole host of medical conditions and many purposes.

N: You did mention a couple of times the applications of EES as a relays to chemotherapy patients. How exactly does it work for chemo patients specifically?

R: You know Neal the exact mechanisms of action for black cohosh and eyebrow hairs on certain. Studies have shown that black cohosh contains several compounds that may contribute to its activity. Our research team discovered that eyebrow follicles did responded positively to the properties of black cohosh and it is …that the retention of eyebrow hair in chemotherapy patients maybe the results of the follicles to input to sleep. Therefore … or delaying hair growth during chemotherapy and avoiding the adverse effects of chemotherapy induced alopecia.

N: That’s very interesting. Where can our listeners go and get more information about EES?

R: Currently we just recently launched EES product and it’s currently available online through our website and web address is So those who are interested in learning more about the product could go to the website or we also have a toll free number which is 1-888-208-5081.

N: I’m glad you came in and talk with us today about ‘Essential Eyebrow Solutions’, Renata.

R: Thank you Neal. I’m glad to have the opportunity to be with you today. Appreciate it.N: Me as well. You’ve been listening to Health professional radio, I’m your host Neal Howard. Talking with Renata Marie, the director of ‘Advance Hair Solutions. LLC in Auburn Hills Michigan. We’ve been talking about EES – Essential Eyebrow Solutions. Hair patent to topical formulation that’s used cause medically to address eyebrows thinning especially in chemotherapy patients. Transcripts and audio of this program are available at and also at You can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes, listen in and download a SoundCloud.

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