Leading Manufacturer of Quality Healthcare Products for the Elderly and Disabled [Interview][Transcript]


Guest: Paul Ledwith
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Paul Ledwith worked as a Solicitor in Private Practice for 8 years before accepting an In-House Group Counsel role with Aidapt UK, the role involves the day to day dealing with Aidapt’s regulatory and legal affairs as well as establishing Aidapt in new markets. He has experience in Commercial Litigation, Intellectual Property, Real Estate and Commercial Law.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Managing Director / Group Solicitor Paul Ledwith of Aidapt Australia talks about their topselling products to make life easier for the elderly and disabled. They ship their products direct to customers’ homes or healthcare providers. Their products include commodes, raised toilet seats, toilet frames, tri-walkers and many others.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. Today my guest is Paul Ledwith. Now Paul is the general manager of Aidapt and I think I got your title wrong Paul, I think it’s managing director but you can correct me in a moment. Welcome to Health Professional Radio. Tell us a little bit about Aidapt and what geographic footprint you service.

Paul Ledwith: Well good morning Wayne. And also don’t worry about my tittle it’s more than fine. Basically Aidapt is a global manufacturer of independent living aids for the elderly and disables. We sell in Australia we sell direct to the end-user, but also to service and care providers and health institutions effectively. Our operating years are far too long for us to go into that in detail on the radio but it’s things like bathroom and bed room aid and what not just basically products designed to make life a little be easier for those who struggle with mobility under carers really.

W: So Paul just in terms of getting some of those mobility, well not mobility aids, independent living aids I guess they are, getting those things mentioned because as you know we’ve got a transcript up on the web and Google loves our transcripts. So the sorts of things that people would find in there would be commodes, and incontinence products, and walkers and walking sticks and wheelchair ramps – that kind of independent living aid is what you’re talking about?

P: Absolutely. I mean we have a full mobility range from wheelchairs to rollators to tri-walkers, wheelchair ramps. Then onto thing like shower seats, shower stools, commodes, toilet frames, over toilet frames, bed raises, incontinence products especially general household items. We sell things like cutlery and gardening tools especially designed for people with limited dexterity. Our whole resources are design products which made life a little bit easier for those that need it. It’s things that can often be overlooked like about the people like the garden but may not be able to grip a normal hand rail but we can design products that specially suited for them.

W: Now Paul Aidapt is not a little firm, is it? Give us a sense of size here.

P: Aidapt is a global company. We have manufacturing facilities throughout the world, we sell to most of mainly in Europe, UK, Canada Hong Kong, Singapore and now Australia and soon to be New Zealand.

W: And you’re not a firm that manufactures toward, are you actually carry stock of this equipment, is that right?

P: Absolutely. We are relatively new to Australia. We brought over about approximately 150 of our products to begin with. But our range is over 800 strong, as I say we are testing the market so to speak and we are constantly liaising with our customers as to what their needs are, what products they feel would be beneficial for them that we should bring over. So our operate list is constantly evolving but yeah, we do have Australians start to order.

W: And Paul your warehouse is in Sydney but you service all over Australia?

P: We certainly do. We have excellent relationships with our couriers. We generally aim to get every order that we receive before 2 o’clock out the same day.

W: That’s impressive.

P: I’ve got to say it’s largely down to our wonderful staff and our couriers have a lot of credit, I mean we deliver over night to Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane, Metro areas and to South Australia within 1 to 2 days. As I’ve come to learn Australia is a vast, vast continent, so some deliveries do take between 3-5 days but they are for the more remote locations should we say.

W: As I was listening to your accent and thinking if you’d only recently turned up here from the UK, the first thing people notice here is how sunny it is and the second thing is how big it is.

P: Absolutely. I mean you guys can consider a commute what we would consider a road trip. The sense of scale between England and Australia could not be more vast but you know it is one those thing that when we set up a new location we have to learn about.

W: And I guess being in Sydney at this time a year and it’s a bit chilly, well chilly by our standards, probably not by yours, suddenly noticing you’re on the other side of the equator too?

P: Wayne I have to say that I didn’t expect as a northern old English man come to Australia and to have any complains about the weather. However 10 degrees has never ever, ever felt this cold in my life as it goes there in Australia. I think maybe I am acclimatizing somewhat quicker than anticipated but generally as I speak the day is chilly but you know cloudless for me considering this is now winter, this is exceptionally pleasant.

W: Yes, it’s a remarkable difference. Let’s go back to Aidapt we’ve drifted into the tourist section here by mistake. Let’s go back to Aidapt. What is the message that you would like clinicians take away from this chat? What is it that you’d like clinicians to know about your product range?

P: Well firstly that we’re here. Obviously we are relatively new to Australia, not to the aged care sector and what not we’ve been going for about 25 years now. But we are new to Australia. We’re keen to make a good impression, working to get ourselves out here and we stand by our products. And if anyone has a look on the website and has a look at the type of things we sell at aidapt.com.au, get in touch. If you’re a care provider, speak to us, tell us want you want and we’ll do our best to facilitate that. As I say we are a large company but in the early stages of our Australian development we are flexible, we can accommodate the smallest of orders up to the biggest. So get in touch, tell us how we can help and will do our best.

W: And I’ll just help people out about that website you mentioned, it’s www.aidapt.com.au

P: Correct.

W: Paul in every business there are misconceptions and it’s my favorite question. If there’s a misconception about your products and services that drives you nut and keeps you awake at night, what would that be?

P: Well I would say that over here there is an acute set that we are as a manufacturer we don’t…can’t buy from us, you know there has to be to …or retailer but that they most go to, because people phone up and say “Do we have someone that they can buy your products from?” And the answer at the moment is “yes” that person is us. You can buy directly from us. And all ultimately a retail chain may come but at the moment it’s simply a case of we manufacture our products, there is no importer, there is no wholesaler. And we make the stuff and we sell it. And because we cut out a couple of stages of the process, we can generally be very competitive when it comes to price.

W: Let’s hope that today we’ve help to dispel that misconception a little bit. And some more people by in the aged care and the hospital sector will know the Aidapt name. And because I’ve being exceptionally nice today, the website is www.aidapt.com.au. If you’d missed this chat conservation there’s a transcript of it on our website at www.hpr.fm and there’s also a Sound file and archive of sound file both on our website on SoundCloud and on YouTube. Paul, thank you for being with us today.

P: You’re more than welcome Wayne. Thank you for having me.

W: This is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

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