Global Group Serving the Needs of Acute and Long-term Care Patients in Over 100 Countries [Interview][Transcript]

Guest: Phil Morrisey
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Phil Morrisey has a background as a registered nurse, an ICU nurse, transitioning to medical sales product management and business management. In July 2004 Phil worked for cardinal Health in a sales role with the Alaris infusion pump business. Transitioning in July 2005 to a product management positon with the Pyxis automated pharmacy and supply dispensing product’s. Phil then moved to ArjoHuntleigh, part of the Gentinge group, in March 2008 to the role of Business Manager for medical beds, Therapeutic surfaces and patient therapy products. These include the management of surfaces for the prevention and management of pressure injuries, as well as mechanical DVT prophylaxis devices.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Phil Morrisey of ArjoHuntleigh is here with us to discuss the various services and solutions that they offer. As the Business Unit Manager Oceania, his responsibility is for the development and execution of the sales and marketing strategy for this business portfolio reporting to the Managing Director to achieve sales targets, EBIT targets and business growth. Phil has been involved in the development and execution of the ACE (Advanced Clinical Education) program, which is a full day training program for clinicians, outlining the physiology and product benefits for pressure injury and Deep Vein Thrombosis in collaboration with the use of the ArjoHuntleigh products.


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Wayne Bucklar: My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest today is Phil Morrisey. Now Phil is the Business Unit Manager Medical Beds, Therapeutic Surfaces and Patient Therapy Oceania for firm ArjoHuntleigh. Phil welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Phil Morrisey: Thanks Wayne.

W: Now Phil I’ve got to say that’s one hell of a title you’ve got there.

P: Yeah, there’s a lot of words on the business card but in essence it’s relatively simple. I mean it’s an amalgam if you like of being a clinician as well as being in control of some of the business prospects for ArjoHuntleigh within the Oceania part of global region.

W: Well let’s talk about ArjoHuntleigh for a moment. What does ArjoHuntleigh do and where do they do it?

P: Okay, so ArjoHuntleigh, the background of ArjoHuntleigh over the period of years in the business what it’s trying to achieve is to be a world leader in integrated solutions for the care of people with disability. Now that is in acute care hospitals and also in the aged care sector. Our products go across a number of systems to assist patients or residents in aged care facilities to have a degree of reduced mobility. And to anyone that within the hospital their immobility is reduced, they require hospital beds, they require quality pocket sprung mattress, someone that’s in the aged care facility or long term care facility may require the assistance with mobility, the assistance with toileting, showering. So we’re right across that amalgam, Arjo Huntleigh works in providing products and solutions for that patient group.

W: So the sorts of thing that people would find you if they went looking for in a Google search would be things like the lifts and the patient transfer gear?

P: Yeah, absolutely. So there’s lifters, there’s patient transfer – it’s what we would call within our business, our patient out of bed sector so all of those items that are involved in mobilizing, lifting patients, showering and assisting in their care and recovery whether within the acute care sector or the long term care sector. But also in our patient in-bed section which is where I look after would be hospital beds, mattresses, some solutions for DVT prophylaxis, wound care healing etc. in the more acute care environment.

W: Now speaking of your website and I’ve just been having a look at it. You put your profile as a company as global I understand.

P: Yes, absolutely. We’re part of the Getinge Group, which is a company that is listed on trading stock exchange. Getinge Group is part of the three main business units … which looks after a lot of the … systems within the operating theatres. There’s Maquet which designs operating theatres and do a number of those acute care products and ArjoHuntleigh which is the third part of our business which looks at safe patient handling to reduces mobility … and it’s my role within the ArjoHuntleigh side of the business and bring it to market. But yes were a global organization, we’re large company that we have employs over 60,000 people globally. And quite a large, one of the largest UK in healthcare companies…

W: It’s nice to be with the strength I guess.

P: Yeah, absolutely. I think ArjoHuntleigh came from two smaller businesses – Arjo which is primarily on lifters. A lot of clinicians would be aware of Arjo lifters and slings in their clinical practice as well as Huntleigh healthcare which is very well known for hospital beds. And the acquisition by the Getinge Group occurred back in 2001. And so as you say it is nice to be part of a large global corporate but at the same time you have that small business kind of appeal about it because we’re still very close to smaller aged care facilities, long term aged care as well as acute care hospital sectors which are smaller.

W: And Phil most of our audience as I mentioned earlier are clinicians. We get a lot of listeners in acute care sector and a lot in aged care, what’s the message you’d like them to take away about ArjoHuntleigh as a result of our chat with us today?

P: Yeah, so ArjoHuntleigh is a supplier or an integrated supplier for patient care right across the acute and aged care sector. So from a patient turning up to emergency departments … in the hospital sector and then has been discharged for long term care, aged care. There are solutions that ArjoHuntleigh provides right across that sector so we can in some respect a one stop shop supplier for a number of products and services, again around that integration of people with reduced mobility and related conditions. But also beyond that, we do the operating theatre environment, provide DVT prophylaxis, we provide products and services that are from… so right across the board from acute care group to aged care.

W: That’s a quite broad of spectrum.

P: Yeah it is very broad. And sometimes it is our broad product portfolio because there’s many groups in here. There’s many clinical customers if you like in market that we’re supporting. So there is always those challenges to be caring or to attune to the supplying goods and services and support, there’s a number of different clinical environment in both the hospital and the aged care sector.

W: Phil my favorite question in every interview is about misconceptions. And there are misconceptions, I guess pretty much in every industry. What are the biggest misconceptions amongst your customer, clients and patients about your product range that drive you nuts and keep you awake at night?

P: Yeah, so I mean I think some of the misconceptions for me is that and certainly my background is also supplying products like alternating pressure mattresses etc. to prevent patient injury or devices to prevent the DVT. And misconceptions are quite often that if one is not as another then anyone can put any kind of mattress under a patient and have a similar outcome, where we know that there’s a clinical reason behind the appropriate selection of the appropriate product for that patient. And I think a business like ours is … to work alongside clinicians to facilitate, created critical decisions around the products and services that we provide. So there’s a wide range of products and services but at the same time we want clinicians to appropriately assess their patients to correct the right product to the right circumstance. Unless where we try to assist working alongside many clinicians to bring that to them if you like. But at the same time what keeps me awake at night is that the selection criteria maybe based on price alone rather than in clinical outcome which is frustrating for me.

W: Yes I hear that a lot when talking to suppliers, that the particularly in the state based health systems that tendering process is both good and bad depending on your particular point of view at any given time.

P: Yeah, that’s true. I mean like many tendering scenarios, we are listed on number of panels with other suppliers. And that is that they’re reasonable and there is no reason why that should occur but at the same time I think clinicians need to be able to make decisions based on clinical information and not just passing information. And I think also in our hospitals, certainly they are running under budget and need to be mindful in spending particularly in public healthcare systems where it’s taxed paid dollars but it’s going to work towards the cost of healthcare that they need to be mindful. But at the same time we know very good evidence that the selection of a … product may improve the stay… so I certainly like to advocate this one issue that I’m quite mindful of their product selection, not only for us but … right across the board…

W: Well let’s hope that we can deal with that misconception at least a little bit this morning as a result of having had a talk to us today.

P: Sure.

W: Phil thank you very much for your time, I do appreciate it. How can people get in touch with you?

P: Okay. So the best way to look at what ArjoHuntleigh does is certainly on our website. If anyone types this on their search engine they will go onto the Australian website, The ArjoHuntleigh… My local contact or my phone contact within Australia is 0406 382 668 and I’ll certainly be happy to talk to anyone further on what ArjoHuntleigh does and what we can do to facilitate the appropriate supply of goods and services for … patient handling.

W: Yeah that website if you missed it listeners was . Phil I do appreciate your time, thank you very much for joining us. If you’ve missed my conversation today with Phil Morrisey the Business Unit Manager and Medical Bed, Therapeutic Surfaces and Patient Therapy Oceania with ArjoHuntleigh, the good news is we have a transcript on our website, we also have an audio achieve on both YouTube and SoundCloud. You can access all of that on the Health Professional Radio website at My name is Wayne Bucklar and you’re listening to Health Professional Radio.

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