Health Supplier Segment: ASP Healthcare

Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest: Yves Coulon

Segment Overview: Yves Coulon of ASP Healthcare discusses their products and services in this segment. ASP Healthcare Pty Ltd prides itself in customising solutions, to meet the needs of our various clients both domestically and internationally. The company is leading the way in harm reduction by researching and developing new techniques in this field. It offers a range of sharps containers that are standard approved and that are designed with input from infection control personnel. It is an Australian owned company and our range of sharps containers are all designed and manufactured in Australia and also a distributor for a range of products that are used in Clinical, Pathology, Veterinary, dentistry and other health areas. The company offers a complete solution for your sharp disposal, we now offer pick up and disposal of your used containers and disinfectants for your premises and equipment.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and this morning my guest is Yves Coulon, general manager of ASP Healthcare Proprietary Limited based in Sydney, Australia. Yves, welcome to Health Professional Radio. I understand you’re a supplier to the health industry. What is it that your firm supplies and what is your geographical footprint?

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