Shaping the Future of an Integrative, Preventative Approach to Improve Patient Outcomes [Interview][Transcript]

Helen_Anton_A5MGuest: Helen Anton
Presenter: Patrick Reyes
Guest Bio: Prior to undertaking the role of Director at A5M Ms Anton was a Pharmaceutical & Medical Marketing Consultant for Top of Form (1990 – 2007). She was responsible for setting up multidisciplinary Medical Centres combining different modalities for the health and wellbeing of patients. The integration of preventative protocols, integrative medicine, pathology testing and mainstream general practice
provided a whole body approach to treatment of patients.
Ms Anton’s career is founded on extensive pharmaceutical sales and marketing experience. From 1989 -1998 she worked at AMRAD, an Australian Pharmaceutical company, on the Cardiovascular Risk Reduction Program developed in conjunction with the Baker Medical Research Institute to support the aim of providing more patient education and increase awareness in the area of Cardiovascular Health. Ms Anton also launched a Cholesterol lowering product at this time. In addition, Ms Anton gained invaluable experience as a General Practice & Specialist Representative, and later Product Manager at GLAXO Australia (now GSK Australia) throughout the 1980s.

Segment overview: As General Manager of The AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine (A5M), Helen Anton leads a dedicated team of professionals who develop and present Continuing Education Programs, Workshops, Conferences and Seminars to enable healthcare professionals to maintain effective practices and achieve better patient outcomes. Over the last five years, under her stewardship, A5M has flourished into a cutting edge and rapidly growing accredited evidence-based medical education provider.
On August 6-7, 2016 The Australasian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine’s (A5M) is holding their 10th Annual Conference in Melbourne Australia. A key focus for international and Australian speakers will be how a preventative and integrative medicine approach is the best way to fight the growing man-made diseases of the future. It will cover techniques and approaches to diet & nutrition, lifestyle and exercise to combat the rise in sleep, stress, cardio-metabolic and diet related disorders of the 21st century. The conference welcomes medical or allied-health practitioners who want to focus on healthy ageing and personalised medicine to promote better outcomes in the long-term health of their patients.

Health Professional Radio – Shaping the Future to Improve Patient Outcomes

Patrick Reyes: Welcome to Health Professional Radio. My name is Patrick Reyes and on today’s show we have Helen Anton. She is the Director at AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine also known as A5M. And she’s gonna be on the show today to talk about A5M and also the upcoming 10th Annual A5M Conference entitled “Healthy Ageing and Personalized Medicine: Improving Patient Outcomes.” Welcome to the show Helen.

Helen Anton: Hi Patrick, thanks very much for having me.

P: Our Pleasure. Now can you tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came about A5M?

H: Yes. I’ve always been in the health care industry although I started off in marketing. I have always worked in health care and passionate about preventative medicine, integrative medicine and a balanced approach to healing. I’m not a health care professional but I’ve always worked in the industry. And I’ve been with A5M now for 10 years.

P: 10 years, it’s really a long time.

H: Yes.

P: So A5M, it does deal with anti-ageing medicine but can you put a little bit more detail into what it is exactly A5M does?

H: Yes. A5M is a membership-based association and education provider and we focus on preventative and integrative and anti-ageing medicine. So I guess it’s a scientific evidence-based approach to providing educational programs, training, conferences all based around healthy ageing and using the, as I said integrative and preventive approach to ageing. So I think quite an interesting change in the market and I guess health care professionals desire to access more knowledge, connect with what’s happening overseas, the trends, with research, with clinical aspects of practice overseas and how that’s changed over the past 10 years.

P: Well, what would you see is the biggest misconception of anti-ageing medicine right now?

H: I think people think that anti-ageing medicine is about stopping their ageing process or prolonging ageing but it is really about integrating various pillars of ageing, understanding how they work and being more informed about providing patients with a balance, whole body approach to not only ageing and living a happier and healthier life and increasing their wellness but also in managing chronic diseases and problems that are appearing today and managing those for patients to be able to live at their optimal capacity. It’s just about education in those areas and not looking at I guess that there’s a magic potion, a magic tablet or injection that will solve everything, that it is very much a balanced approach and it is about looking at lifestyle and exercise, diet and nutrition, nutritional supplementation if it’s required. Looking at what our hormones are doing, looking at what our genetic profile is and how our genes will be expressed, environmental factors, environmental toxins – so it is a whole body approach.

P: Right, right. So I did mention that the 10th Annual A5M Conference is coming up which is on the 6th and 7th of August, is that correct?

H: That’s right, yes.

P: Yes and it will be in Melbourne, Australia. What will be the main focus of the conference?

H: It’ll be about healthy ageing and personalized medicine and I guess looking at improving patient outcomes. So a little bit about what I said earlier that we look at lifestyle, exercise, nutrition, looking at not one size fits all – that we’re all individuals and we’re all unique. So what’s normal for you may not be normal for me and having a look at how, I guess health care professionals can tweak their treatment protocols to suit the individual patient as well. So we’re looking at lots on nutrition, environment, brain ageing, we’re looking at skin as well, diagnostic tools to help health care professionals assess where the patient is and what approach to take so very much a holistic approach.

P: Sound like it’s gonna be an interesting and very informative conference.

H: Yes, it will be great and one of our, some amazing speakers from all over the world both internationally renowned and key opinion leaders in Australia or New Zealand and through Asia as well. We have David Katz who is Director of Preventative Health at Yale University, he’s a very well-known clinician, educator, advocate of public health and chronic disease management, internationally well-known and he’ll be presenting at the conference and also the preconference workshop. We have also leaders from other associations, Professor Garry Egger, from lifestyle medicine, we have Dr. Penelope Caldicott from AIMA and Professor Mark Cohen from Wellness Australia and a professor at RMIT presenting as well along with a lot of amazing speakers. So it will be a great program for all medical and allied health professionals.

P: And how can our listeners get more information about A5M and also the upcoming conference?

H: Certainly, they can visit the website, and/or they can give us a call at the office on 03 9813 0439 and we’ll be happy to help them with more information. The website has a program and list of abstracts and speaker bios on there so if there’s anyone that they’re particularly interested in or a topic they’re particularly interested in, they can certainly have a look on the website.

P: Alright, so if you missed that, that was and the phone number is 03 9813 0439. Now before we end our interview, what message would you like to leave with our listeners as to being part of Health Professional Radio today?

H: I think that we all need to be educated in moving away from reactive model to a proactive model in health care and I think that allied health care professionals and medical professionals need to keep up-to-date and the way to do that is to attend events, educate themselves and learn as much as they can because the patients today are so well-informed and they’re going to their health care professionals expecting answers and more information.

P: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio, I was just talking to Helen Anton, the Director at AutralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine and we just had a conversation about what A5M does and also their upcoming conference. Thank you for joining us today Ms. Helen.

H: Thank you very much Patrick.

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