Melbourne-based Distributor of Natural, Health Brands for Common Health and Beauty Problems [Interview][Transcript]


Guest: Hunter Leonard
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: BioRevive Marketing Director Hunter Leonard has over 25 years experience in senior sales and marketing including close to 20 years in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market. He has a keen interest in the ethical presentation and marketing of products, believing that smart strategy can overcome market challenges, without having to resort to over promises or questionable marketing conduct. Hunter has developed the largest benchmark of marketing practices in business in Australia, written a book on marketing – “Marketing has no off switch” and developed an online DIY marketing portal for Australian Business.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, learn more about the great selection of products from various innovative health brands that BioRevive distributes as we are joined by their Marketing Director Hunter Leonard. Their website makes customers’ brand selection easy and it provides useful and relevant health information, making your search for the closest pharmacy stocking their brands faster and convenient. They only consider products that deliver outstanding results for users and that meet Australian therapeutic or cosmetic requirements.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and today my guest is Hunter Leonard. Hunter is the marketing director with BioRevive. Hunter welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Hunter Leonard: Thanks Wayne.

W: Now Hunter, BioRevive is not a name that immediately tells me what the company does and what its product and services are. So give us some idea of your geographical footprint and what services and products you provide?

H: Yes, sure. Well BioRevive is a natural health care company. So we have a range of brands that are sold through pharmacy in Australia and in some other territories around the world, namely New Zealand and also up into China and Singapore as well. Generally those brands are out for you know health and wellness conditions that range from arthritis thru to more cosmetic problems like a skin spots and we also have hangover relief products as well.

W: There are times when a hangover relief product would be very handy I have to say.

H: Yes, no doubt and it’s quite a popular product. And it’s an amino acid based products, so again a natural therapy that people can take while drinking and it’s for the responsible drinker who might just get a little bit of headache or you know some other hangover symptoms that just from drinking a moderate amount alcohol as opposed to the more extreme end of drinking.

W: Uh huh. Now Hunter the range that you’ve got, you say they’re natural products and I’m just looking on your website here. I see arthritis relief, I see exfoliating foot pads and clean ear sprays and tears again eye spray. There’s quite a range in the BioRevive catalog by the look of this.

H: Yeah, that’s right. We have range of brand that we manufacture ourselves. The owner of the business and founder of the business Will Crothers developed a number of products. But we also distribute in Australia for a number of international companies so we try to select the products that has got an interesting application, different or a little bit unique compared to others. For instance, the “CleanEars” product is a medical device which incorporates an extract of olive oil and it’s very much easier to use to get ear wax out of the ears as opposed to having to sit there with your head tilted for 15 minutes while some of the other products which can be quite difficult to adhere to. So this one is a very simple one where you can spray it into your ear while keeping your head upright and then you can just go about your business you have to be sitting around 15 minutes to wait for it to work so we try and look for those ones that offer benefit for those patients in other being easier to use or if they prefer a more natural alternative to a the synthetic chemical, then we try and have an option for them that is also effective and has some clinical evidence to prove that it has some benefits for them.

W: Now Hunter most of our audience, in fact about 95% of our audience are clinicians of one kind of another – doctors, nurses, allied health professionals, largely working in hospitals. What’s the take away message for them today as a result of our chat? What would you like them to know?

H: Well I think for most health professionals, they still like to have the option of using a natural product at times. Particularly if the patient in front of them is somebody that prefers that for example, this is not for the more serious medical condition that requires that emergency intervention or a fairly strong medicine. But some people who have these other conditions that they’re going along with that, might prefer a natural choice for that, so we just like them to know that we’re out there and we have a solution that are of use to them. For example CleanEars for otolaryngologists it’s just an easier way for them to get the wax, clean it out of a patient’s ear who might have a serious hearing problem and wearing a hearing aid for example. So it’s a product that can go along and be a nice alternative for them to use.

W: Now Hunter in every profession and in every product range, there’s always misconceptions and it’s my favorite question. What’s the biggest misconception about your products and services that drive you nuts and keep you wake at night?

H: Well probably there’s two. One is that natural medicines aren’t as effective as the synthetic alternatives and that’s not necessarily true. There are natural medicine snot just the ones that we have but many out there that have a great place in the treatment or release of certain symptomatic illnesses, so that’s number one and I think that’s important to know. Probably if I took people back to the hangover product, probably the biggest misconception we get is that we’re somehow promoting people to go out and drink more which is definitely not the case. What we’re trying to pitch the product to is somebody who has other responsibilities in life and they might have a nice wine or three with dinner, but they still suffer from some symptoms in relation to that, that they like to drink a moderate amount of alcohol. Which has been proven to be quite beneficial to some people, not the person that goes out and drinks 50 beers and then ends up with … you know what I mean? So we’re trying to be helping the person that wants to be responsible as opposed to a person who’s definitely not being responsible.

W: We hope today that we can help clear up with at least some people’s minds as misconceptions. Hunter how do people get in touch with you?

H: Well they can just go to our website – all the details are there. I’m more than happy to talk to anyone who is interested in any of our products, whether that’s to stock it or use it or trial it or otherwise, and we’re very happy to work with health professionals in the care of their patients and consumers.

W: Just again, that website is bio B I O revive R E V I VE one word dot com ( You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar and my guest has been Hunter Leonard the marketing director of BioRevive. Hunter thanks for being with us today.

H: You’re most welcome Wayne. Thanks for the chat.

W: If you’d like to read a transcript of this interview, it’s available on our website at There’s also a sound archive on SoundCloud and on YouTube. This is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

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