Health Supplier Segment: Bosco Medical Australia


Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest: Paul Rea
Guest Bio: He has 25 years in the Medical Industry, started with Marion Merrell Dow – US Company and eventually worked throughout various divisions of the Company as it underwent Mergers ,Acquisitions. Studied Human Movements and Health and Physical Education at Bachelor Degree Level and completed a degree in Pharmacology. In 2004 joined a local Brisbane start up Company – OMI as General Manager that designed and manufactured Innovative Safety Products most notably the Retractable Safety Syringe. After 5 years at OMI, Paul joined local Medical Device Distributor Bosco Medical Australia and has been in the role of General Manager for 3 years. Bosco has specialized in the portfolios of Anesthesia and Intensive Care and has a strong presence in the Australian Market with both Capital and Consumable products.

Segment overview: Learn of Bosco Medical Australia’s medical products and equipment as Paul Rea discusses these in today’s segment. Bosco Medical Australia was established in 1984 and since then, it has consistently grown. They serve all states and territories across Australia with Product Specialists in QLD, VIC and NSW and via our trusted distributors in WA, NT, SA & TAS. They are committed to supplying life sustaining products and equipment within the Australian Healthcare Industry. They offer a large range of medical consumables and equipment.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne: You’re listening to Wayne Bucklar of Health Professional Radio. This morning my guest is Paul Rea, general manager of Bosco Medical Australia. Paul agreed to talk to us about Bosco Medical and what they do and what they supply. Paul, welcome to Health Professional Radio.

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