Consulting Firm Focusing on the Real Bottom-line in Business: PEOPLE [Interview][Transcript]


Guest: David Couper
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: David’s prolific career in leading large-scale organizational restructuring and leadership development projects has taken him from London to Tokyo, Chicago to Los Angeles, Hong Kong and back. Partnering with Fortune 500 business leaders to resuscitate the soul of work from the inside out, his talent and approach have had profound impact in the sectors of healthcare, media, entertainment, manufacturing, finance, and oil and gas. Notable clients include Kaiser Permanente, Cigna Healthcare, Ameritech, Mattel, BBC, Warner Bros., Rolls Royce, Halifax Bank, Ford Europe, Accenture and Entertainment, Amoco, BP, and Allied Signal, among others.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, get helpful insights from founder and CEO David Couper of David Couper Consulting, Inc. David educates leaders to know that successful organizations ignite an employee’s drive to contribute, create, and flourish. A great example of this is their 21 Day Meditation Program recently launched for Healthcare Professionals. These organizations are committed to seeing the sparkle in each employee’s eye – a certain inexplicable quality that drives a person to take ownership of their roles and responsibilities and far exceed expectations. He partners with companies who are ready to reclaim their values and vision of quality service, thus inviting, inspiring, and enabling their workforce to awaken to their purpose, power, and potential.


Health Professional Radio

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and my guest in conversation today is David Couper. David is the CEO of David Couper Consulting and joins us from the US. David, welcome to Health Professional Radio.

David Couper: Thank you for having me.

W: My pleasure. Now David I understand that you were just about to launch a new product.

D: Yeah, that’s right. We’re about to launch in September, a meditation program for people in the healthcare industry. And we also have some other products around stress reduction, bringing more balance into the workplace for healthcare professionals.

W: Now as everyone in the health professions certainly knows and for their families, stress is a major issue. I understand this one’s going to be a 21 day meditation program. Tell us a little bit about that.

D: Sure. So there’s a lot of research which have shown that meditation can not only reduce stress but increase focus. And with the current issues especially in the US around healthcare with everybody being asked to do more with less, this seem like a great opportunity to provide for the first time something specifically for healthcare professionals. And meditation is used a lot with patients in the US. For example, UCLA has mindfulness group which works as a complimentary to traditional medicine, but it’s not used as much with healthcare professionals. So our integrative option is to do a program purely for anybody who’s working in healthcare who’s suffering from stress, which probably is everybody.

W: Now you’ve previously had similar meditation programs with some big name clients.

D: So the company that produces these meditations, yeah have work with Deepak Chopra, Oprah and a number of different people. This is the first time that they’ve had one which is specifically for the healthcare industry. Yeah, they’ve worked with some pretty name, bigger names than me in the pod for sure.

W: Bigger names than me too.

D: Yeah.

W: Now you’re not new to the healthcare profession by any means.

D: No. I’ve had a consulting company for about 20 years and most recently we’re working with Kaiser Permanente which is a very large health HMO in the US. And we’ve been working on leadership development, employee development, and basically helping employees to be happier and more engaged at work. So we have a lot of experience of working with healthcare in the US and then my sister company in the UK which works in Europe. We’re also doing the same kind of work.

W: You’re listening to Health Processional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. My guest today is David Couper from David Couper Consulting, a US based organization with extensive healthcare experience that’s on the verge of releasing a “21 day meditation program” specifically designed for healthcare professionals. And David, I see in your press release there’s a line that says “the full 21 days series is a free gift.”

D: Yeah. Some people may not believe that there’s anything as a free gift. But this is totally free. It’s how it works, you sign up and then every day you get in your email a meditation and it takes about 5 minutes. We know people are busy so it takes about 5minutes and it’s really connecting to a deeper place so that you can actually be more relaxed, less stressed. And then if you listen to that over the 21 days, you don’t have to pay for that – that’s completely free. If you want to keep it or you want to give it to a friend, then there’s a small cost with that but it’s free. Yeah.

W: That’s a very nice offer.

D: Thanks.

W: Now David you mentioned before that there has been a lot of research about the effectiveness of meditation. And as you know a lot of our listeners are clinicians. What would you say to the skeptics amongst them who we’re saying “No, no this is pseudo religious mumbo jumbo.” What would your message to them be?

D: Well, they can have their opinion for sure. And there are lots of people who are skeptical about all kinds of things but mindfulness, I’m not talking about necessarily some kind of eastern esoteric meditation where we’ll gonna float off into the universe – we’re not talking about that. But mindfulness were there’s a focus where there is a slowing down, has been used for years in many different traditions and also is used by top athletes, used by actors – it’s about being in the present. So as there’s lots of anecdotal information about them, about that and lots of research studies which is done to show that when meditation is used with people who are in a depressed state or with stress management or even with weight loss, using meditation usually improves results, certainly that doesn’t cause any negative results. And as I said UCLA in Los Angeles where I’m based has a whole mindfulness group and they’ve done a lot of research and they use it as a complimentary to traditional medicine. So for example, I know someone who is being treated for Lou Gehrig and a part of her treatment, she oversees these physicians, specialists but she also is able to take meditation classes and things like that. And she finds that those complimentary medicines often have more impact on the pain control and more impact on her over wellbeing and sometimes some of the drugs and some other things she’s taking.

W: And I guess for skeptical clinicians if you think about meditation as we would think about a drug, it’s one of those few occasions we’re there is no down side. Five minutes a day, no side effects that you don’t expect, no negatives. What’s the problem with giving it a try? Even the skeptics could accept that I think.

D: Yeah, I think so. I mean the research when the academic research has been done on this, I don’t think there’s any examples of negative effects. And these negative effect we’re drawing some kind of cult or getting involved in something where meditation is part of some religion. But that’s kind of different thing when you’re doing in 5 minutes a day. So I don’t see there is any reason why you wouldn’t want to start doing that and to stop doing that. And Pema Chodron who is a Buddhist nun who is not an academic but who has a very large following and she says that ‘you’re taking time for yourself is an act of courage.’ And I think with healthcare professionals and a lot of healthcare professionals they work with the other healthcare professionals, their friends in relation, they are so busy looking after other people – they get very little time to look after themselves. So taking that 5 minutes for themselves just to switch off, just to actually connect with who they are, in my idea it’s an act of courage. It’s something that really can be a huge benefit.

W: Now David I guess that this is not necessarily restricted to the US either. That people being people in health professionals being health professionals, this would have application around the world.

D: Right. So in the UK there’s mindfulness, so Headspace which is a meditation, they were running a mediation moment for commuters in the UK very recently. So yeah, anybody who has access to a computer can get onto the program and you can do anywhere, anywhere in the world for sure.

W: Well, we have over 30 stations worldwide so we’ll see if we can address some of that with some health professionals who are inclined to get in touch with you and give it a try. David, what’s the best way for people to get in touch with you?

D: So you can go to my website which is and couper is C O U P E R. So and you can find information about stress, about how to overcome different areas of difficulty at work, and then also information about the meditation program.

W: David Couper from David Couper Consulting and thank you very much for being with us today. I do appreciate your time in a busy schedule, we look forward to seeing the launch of your 21 Day Mediation Program coming shortly. For anyone who’s interested in tracking that down, the website address is davidcouper C O U P E R If you’ve missed our conversation this morning, the good news is we have a transcript up on our website at You can also listen to the audio on both SoundCloud and YouTube and it’s available on your android and iPhone apps as well. My name is Wayne Bucklar, this is Health Professional Radio.

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