Osteopaths Helping You to Move Again, Pain-Free [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Abbas_Din_Doctors_of_Osteopathy_VictoriaGuest: Dr Abbas Din
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Dr Abbas Din is the medical osteopathic director of Doctors of Osteopathy Victoria. A friendly and knowledgeable osteopathic clinician, Dr Abbas is qualified in both Osteopathy and Myotherapy and in personal training. He graduated from RMIT University with a double degree in Applied Science (complimentary medicine) and a Masters in Osteopathy as well as completing an advanced diploma of Myotherapy. Abbas is experienced in treating both joint pain, spinal and back pain issues and combines his osteopathic and myotherapy expertise with his background in fitness and personal training to help his patient’s recover quickly from sporting and work place injuries. He has been involved with treating a wide range of patients from the dancers at the Australian Ballet Company to extreme athletes competing in ultra marathons, triathletes, cross-fitters and power-lifters.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, know more about the Doctors of Osteopathy Victoria from our guest medical osteopathic director Dr. Abbas Din. They use a combination of treatments such as deep tissue massage, gentle spinal adjustments, dry needling, TENS therapy, shockwave therapy and exercise rehabilitation to help speed up recovery and reduce pain so that you can return to your daily activities as quickly and as safely as possible. They use only sound, evidence-based, non-invasive manual therapy techniques to help you recover efficiently and safely. Their clinic is known for having supportive staff and well informed quality care to help ease your joint or back pain or just need a body tune up and posture check to help prevent any future injuries.


Health Professional Radio – Osteopathy Victoria

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar
and joining me today is Dr. Abbas, who joins us as a Medical Osteopathic Director of Doctors of
Osteopathy Victoria. Dr. Abbas welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Dr. Abbas Din: Thank you for having me.

W: So Dr. Abbas tell us a bit about Doctors of Osteo and what is it that you do and
where it is that you do it?

D: Okay, so we’re an osteopathic clinic that provides physical therapy to help treat injuries such as
joint pain, back pain, and spinal pain, caused by sports and workplace accidents. We use a combination of
treatments such as deep tissue massage, and gentle spinal adjustment, and dry needling, and exercise rehab to
help our patients speed up their recovery and reduce pain.

W: Now do you fit into the spectrum of things as general practitioner level or
specialist level practitioners – where do you fit into the spectrum in healthcare?

D: Ah so we’re kind of like in the realm of physiotherapy and exercise science.

W: Right, and do people need a referral to come to you?

D: No, not at all. They can come directly to us or they can be referred by a GP or the
sports specialist.

W: I see, and is there a spectrum of injuries that you exclude or is it all osteo issues?

D: So pretty much we treat a range of patients from athletes competing an ultra marathon
to triathletes, to cross-fitters and power-lifters to every day people experiencing pain from joint
degeneration and workplace injuries. So we’re always confined to physical therapy, such as physical
injuries. But if we find some conditions or cases that do require surgery or other medication we
will always refer on to our sports specialist. I refer to Dr. Karen…at Olympic Park or back to their own GP
for further imaging and assessment.

W: And Dr. Abbas about 95% of our audience are clinicians of one kind or another. Is
there a message you’d like them to hear as a result of you being on the radio today?

D: So pretty much as an Osteo Clinic, we deal mostly with physical therapy and we don’t
treat athletic patients like chiropractors, we don’t treat any pathology. If we do find that there is a
patient that comes into our Clinic, you’d be rest assured that all osteopaths are trained into identifying
it and to referral onto development healthcare specialist. So it could be a rheumatologist, could be
neurologist, it could be a dermatologist or gastroenterologist so we’ll never treat anything that’s not
physically therapy related.

W: Now in every field of endeavor there are misconceptions, what are the biggest
misconceptions that you come across that drive you nut and keep you awake at night?

D: Okay so, I know that some clinicians that are hearing about Osteo is they kind of
lump us into chiropractors and voodoo medicine, and we’re definitely not voodoo at all. We’re found on
evidence based physical therapy practices. And one of them that always, always comes out is
manipulation techniques collagen of public cracking techniques, I know at my clinic at Doctors of
Osteopathy we believe in education and communication is the key to both telling the doctors what we
do or their GP and the patient. And we always do a thorough medical history and examination before
any treatment is taken place and we always use conservative manual therapy, so as we help our patients
recover efficiently, effectively before using any other … techniques they will always try to communicate
for their GP or their treating physician that’s also looking after them and what we’re doing at all times.
So that we can help the patient get better as a team as an individual. So I’m sure with my Doctors,
they’re always refer onto their GP’s or at least contact their GP’s letting them know what the treatment
and what the management is and to continue on as a team.

W: It does sound like a concern that we might be able to help with getting the word
out a little wider through our audience today. Dr. Abbas it’s been a pleasure having you on Health
Professional Radio. Thank you for making yourself available today.

D: Really appreciate being on your show.

W: Now for people who want more information about the Osteopathy Clinic, is the
website the best place to go?

D: Yes www.doctorsofosteo.com.au and pretty much read what osteopaths do in a
list form.

W: And if you missed that URL listeners, it’s www.doctorsofosteo.com.au, O S T E O
all one word doctorsofosteor.com.au. If you my missed my conversation with Dr. Abbas Din today, he is
the Medical Osteopathic Director of Doctors of Osteopathy Victoria, the good news is we have a
transcript on our website. We also have a sound archive of the whole interview on YouTube and on
SoundCloud. And you can access all of those through the Health Professional Radio website at
www.hpr.fm. My name is Wayne Bucklar, thank you for joining us on Health Professional Radio.

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