Electronics Solutions Company Providing Equipment and Support for the Aged Care Community [Interview][Transcript]

Richard_Paterson_ElectrotekGuest: Richard Paterson
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Richard Paterson’s professional career has included many years in Electronic Security, and a long spell working in the Not For Profit sector. These two, seemingly unrelated chapters, have combined to find him helping Aged Care and Health Care professionals improve their practice with electronic solutions. Richard’s mantra is “my job, is to help you to yours”. He is passionate about partnering with clinical staff, in order to provide better outcomes for their clients/patients.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we welcome Solutions Delivery Consultant for Electrotek Richard Paterson. Built on almost 30 years of experience, they are a Queensland based electronics solutions company that aims to provide exemplary aged-care equipment, electronic equipment design and supply, service and consultative support to customers. With an incredibly clever and experienced team of technical experts in-house, they are able to translate needs into solutions. Having such experience and intelligence at hand, they are able to explore available products, but also create and adapt for tailored outcomes.
Electrotek is always finding new challenges to solve.

Health Professional Radio – ElectoTek

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar and joining me today is Richard Paterson. Richard’s the Solutions Delivery Consultant at Electrotek and joins me from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Richard welcome to Health Professional Radio.

Richard Paterson: Thank you for having me on. It’ a pleasure to be here.

W: It’s indeed our pleasure. Now Richard Electrotek is not a brand name that I’m familiar with, can you give us an idea of what it is that you do and where about you do it – the geographical footprint?

R: Certainly. We’ve been operating for like ten years. Primarily we had about providing Nurse Call for Aged care facilities, nurse call systems they supply and maintenance and service in Nurse Call systems. However, what we have discovered is that there’s quite a few gap in the market of solutions or products in our domain so we’ve actually taking a bit of a different course of action. We have a macro-electronics engineer on our staff and the way that we do now is we consult with organizations who provide aged care and also health care services and we sort off round table issues that they’re having in work at Electronic Solutions which help them deliver their services more effectively and more efficiently. So we’re more of a solutions provider rather than a product. The solutions that we create…solutions for a given situation. Does that makes sense?

W: It does indeed and in the good old days Nurse Call was just a button on a wire and a light outside of the room but in more recent times in the world we live in of course that’s expanded to distress and location systems and all sort of things. So I guess you’re able to provide products across that whole range of what we would call it, staff location systems I guess.

R: Yes, absolutely. In fact we’ve found in the last couple of months just monitoring how search engine optimization on our website and looking at the search, the popular searches we’ve seen incredible trajectory upwards of people searching for staff … solutions. In the Aged Care environment and health care as well, the issues are probably… the origin is a tad different. What we find is the massive increase in incidence of Dementia, they secure units in Aged Care facilities for Dementia residents in that domain the supply is way shorter than the demand. So we’ve got a lot of Dementia Residents in main stream Aged Care Facilities in the wings and expanded rooms … Because of the nature of their condition a lot of the staff are getting physically affected and harmed in carrying out of their duties. So that an area we’re getting a lot of inquiry for and we’ve now developed some quite significant specialized solutions to sort of mitigate that staff danger situation.

W: It’s going to be I think a growing issue of the way in which we use electronics to increase the efficiency particularly in Aged Care because you look at the population bubble moving through and for the next 40 years this is going to be a big growth area and a booming problem and to make matters worse of course it’s all the Generation X people who are running the system now for my generation which are the Baby Boomers and we’ve had it good all our lives, thank you very much. We’ve had everything we’ve ever wanted from supermarkets to pills to keep erectile function working, we’ve demanded it and the world just produced two of them so now that we’re going to aged care I expect the Baby Boomer generation will be just as demanding and just as difficult and of course it’ll be a boom time because it’s so many.

R: Absolutely and the trend apparently and the way forward in aged care is definitely focused on the holistic living experience. It’s not just that their providing good medical care and support in Aged Care facilities but it’s actually the sort of competitive edge of Aged Care providers now is to focus on the whole sort of holistic living experience for residents and that’s the competitive nature of the Aged Care sector as we see now and increasingly so as we move forward.

W: You are listening to Health Professional Radio, my name is Wayne Bucklar and I’ve been in conversation with Richard Paterson who’s the Solutions Delivery Consultant at Electrotek and we’ve been talking about the Electrotek range of Nurse Call Systems and your nurse alarms and similar. Richard my favorite question in every interview has to do with misconceptions, it must be my curios nature. There are misconceptions in every occupation of course and in every endeavor, what’s the biggest misconception about your products and services that drive you enough and keep you awake at night?

R: What absolutely drives me nuts is the amount of money that is wasted in our sector with incumbent Nurse call systems being removed and replaced with a new system when an excuse is often they need to come up with accreditation standards and so forth and the field devices like the core point and the things that are sort of hanging off the brain of the system generally are pretty bulletproof and they’re pretty robust and they’re fine … fully operational. Our approach is to work with the head in and … so that is brings it up to the sort of contemporary standards and that can be done at serious a fraction of the cost of replacements and we just discovered that recently there are facilities that’s been, I think four hundred thousand dollars to replace the Nurse Call System and we had had conversations with that side earlier. We could have brought their system up to standard for that fifty thousand because it was just the ahead in problem, with all the core points and it works perfectly in fact they’re kind of bulletproof and they’re quite robust. So that’s the thing that frustrates me, and to me it’s much more responsible to spend that money on increasing the living experience and the service delivery to the residents that live in those facilities rather than replacing something’s that is still effective and works. It could be just to upgrading at the brain end of it, give it a smarter brain and then bring the functionality up to standard for a fraction of that.

W: Well we do have a big percentage of our audiences in Aged Care and with a little bit of luck we’ll help dispel a little bit of that misconception today and I’d like to think you finally be ringing off the hook but speaking of phones and ways to get in touch with you, what’s the best way for people who wanted to get in touch with you Richard?

R: The best way probably via my mobile because … I’d love to engage in over… conversations about the challenges people are facing and my mobile number is 040-358-8417 and that’s probably the best way to get in touch with me because I’d love to have a conversation about the challenges people are facing.

W: So if you’re looking to get in touch with Richard I’ll give you that phone number again because I’m always getting in trouble for not giving people enough time to get their pencils ready. It’s 0403-588-417 and there’s more information on the website at www.electrotek.com.au. If you’ve missed my conversation with Richard Paterson Solutions Delivery Consultant at Electrotek the good news is we have a transcript on our website at Health Professional Radio. Or you can also listen to the audio archive on both YouTube and SoundCloud. Now the links to all those are available at the station’s website at www.hpr.fm. This is Health Professional Radio, my name is Wayne Bucklar.

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