Creators of High Quality Hemp Oil for its Beneficial Effects in Health [Interview][Transcript]

Graham_Magee_EndocaGuest: Graham Magee
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Graham Magee is Endoca’s Director of Sales and Education USA, he is passionate about the profound healing properties of CBD oil. Graham is a pioneer in the American CBD revolution, he has deep insights into the rapidly changing CBD industry and is an articulate knowledge leader on this topic.

Segment overview: The Vincenty family in Denmark has a long history of hemp cultivation in the pristine fields of Scandinavia. For generations, they’ve produced the finest hemp oil in the world for salad oils and other food products. Hemp oil, from the cannabis plant, also works as a native, holistic, and natural medicine for many common ailments.


Health Professional Radio – Endoca

Neal Howard: Hello and welcome to Health Professional Radio. I’m your host Neal Howard for this Health Supplier Segment. Thank you so much for joining us today. Our guest in studio today is Mr. Graham Magee, Director of Sales and Education for Endoca Company in Scandinavia who’s expanding here in the United States. And I’ll let him tell you all about this Company and what he’s involved in. Good afternoon Graham.

Graham Magee: Good afternoon Neal. Thank you for having me.

N: Thank you so much for lending us some of your time. What exactly is Endoca? And what type of player is Endoca in the Hemp Oil field as it stands today?

G: Yeah it’s a great question. So I’ll start with a little bit about our company, how it’s founded and we always like to speak about our Endoca Founder Henry Vincenty. So Henry comes from biogenetic hemp oil, more of a technical background with chemistry and the genetics of the plant. So what we decided to do, Henry decided to do is take a study and use it for the better of the world, the greater good.

N: Many of our listeners are healthcare professionals themselves, but for the benefit of folks like myself who don’t necessarily understand or realize the differences between the marijuana that we all see that’s glorified in the news and in movies and the Hemp oil that seems to be the hottest topic going when it comes to the relief of many maladies?

G: Yeah, it’s definitely the mainstream now at least getting into the main stream with a bunch of medical doctors and professions like naturopath, ayurvedic doctors, massage therapists, the only issue is there are strong modalities against calling it a medicine at this point, we’d like to concentrate more on a food.

N: So what is the difference between marijuana and hemp oil? Or these oils that the CBD’s and I’m not sure I understand what CBD’s are either?

G: Yeah, and that’s a great question and one of the biggest mistakes that people make is they immediately think that these are two different plants where in fact they come from the same genus of plants which is … So they are the same plant, it’s the same family, it’s like you have different tomatoes, you have different apples, you have different cannabis plants.

N: Okay, good clarification. What type of danger when it comes to I guess getting high or having your senses altered is much like an alcohol or the effects of marijuana when it’s smoked or eaten?

G: So CBD itself cannabidiol is considered non-psychoactive and THC is really located that psychoactive ‘high’ if you would call it, and we are under the legal limit for import and act that level it’s very, very tough for someone to have that effect.

N: You mentioned your Founder, how long has the company been here, has had a Presidents in the United States being in the Scandinavia?

G: Yeah, so the company’s been around since 2006 worldwide and we really just started working on the Us market about a year and a half ago.

N: Was there always the intent to focus on the US or were you in Scandinavia because of legalities and now things have changed?

G: I think the intent was to always come into the US market as it is a major market worldwide. And the legalities have changed since we first stepped into the game here. But I think they’re going in our favor which is a good thing. Worldwide there are very different legalities, so it does make it easier and some cases it’s harder for us to work in specific countries, but I think the US is one of the bigger markets that we are focusing on today.

N: In focusing on this huge market, surely you’re not only the producer of these CBD’s. What guarantees that your quality is gonna be better suited in this market being the biggest market?

G: It’s a great question. So what happened was 2 years ago, I think 3 years ago at this point there was this influx in the market with people trying to get involved because they realize the profit margins of this specific cannabinoid and that brought a lot of players in the game and the issue with quality. So what we wanted to do is we want to give consumers an even … field of having great quality but for a reasonable price as well. So we pride ourselves in our quality, we control everything from the seed, to the soil which is very important and goes overlooked in most cases to our labs and GMP and ISO certified and we control those steps every which way so we’re organic certified as well that’s one of our biggest features at Endoca. We’re one of the world’s only certified organic hemp suppliers, which is a huge advantage on the rest of the market. And just for quality, we feel, stands above the rest when it comes to other sources.

N: You mentioned organic, what about the packaging as far as using recycled materials, going green, maybe recycling even some of the remains of the harvest? Does Endoca become involved in any green endeavors?

G: Yes and that’s one of our goals at Endoca. We’re not just a CBD supplier, we believe that these plants were put on this planet as a superfood, as a super plant not only for food but for textile, for concrete, for homes. It’s antifungal, antibacterial it’s great for nutrition as well. So for instance we take our waste and we’re moving further of it were making breads, we’re making dog treats.

N: Really dog treats?

G: Well yeah, we’re going all over the map with it. And one of our newest arrivals to the Endoca family is our CBD chewing gum, and so there’s a tease on that because it’s not available yet, but we will be soon. It’s an ecofriendly gum so it’s the naturally 100% biodegradable which is unheard of…

N: What about as supplements? We take supplements such as Vitamin D on a regular basis or this or that, do you have amounts in capsule form as a supplement to take with other supplements?

G: We do have a capsule at Endoca. Our bread and butter that are capsules are quickly becoming a favorite because of the views and used, and our capsules contain 10 milligrams and 15 milligrams. So we have 2 different levels of strength there.

N: Where can our listeners go online and check out Endoca USA at present?

G: They can go to and check out our sites, our new products. We have a lot of news up there and what’s unique with Endoca is we actually show every batch we make, we make our COAs, which is our test available for everyone to see. So it’s something that is very unique that sets us apart as well.

N: And there are some questions that I’ve ask you today out of curiosity like anyone going, is there an area where they can say, a frequently asked questions area where the basic questions that you encounter when you’re talking about it, someone who wants to learn more. Is there something that kind a lays it out, lays out the basic form there as well?

G: Yeah we do have FAQ section there that people get into a lot of questions on how to take it, like we touched upon getting ‘high’, is this marijuana? Basic questions like that, to user question which can come at about, I mean how much do I take, how often do I take it? And it really is based on the person, so well what we suggest is half a dropper a day or a capsule a day in our…and caps. And based on how you feel, it either increase or you can decrease.

N: Congratulations on your expansion into this wide open market in the United States. You’ve been listening to Health Professional Radio, I’m your host Neal Howard for this Health Supplier Segment. We’ve been in studio talking with Graham Magee. Graham is the Director of Sales and Education at Endoca USA now, expanding further in the United States market after having been founded in Denmark in 2008. Endoca’s primary’s focus is to research and develop innovative hemp into extracts and to make them accessible worldwide, and according to Graham they are well on their way. It’s been great having you here with today Graham.

G: Thank you for having me Neal.

N: Thank you. Transcript and audio of this program are available at and also at and you can subscribe to this podcast on iTunes.

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