Behavior Design Firm Dedicated for the Health and Wellness Industry [Interview][Transcript]

Dr_Kyra_Bobinet_engagedINGuest: Dr. Kyra Bobinet
Presenter: Neal Howard
Guest Bio: Dr. Kyra Bobinet is the CEO of engagedIN, a design firm using neuroscience to change behavior for which she received the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health Innovator Award. Dr. Bobinet is a sought after national speaker who has founded health start-ups and created blockbuster products, health apps, big data algorithms, and evidence- based programs in mind-body & metabolic medicine. She earned her medical degree at UCSF School of Medicine and teaches health engagement at Stanford School of Medicine.

Segment overview: Dr. Kyra Bobinet talks about engagedIN, a behavior design firm based in the San Francisco Bay Area that uses behavioral research and neuroscience principles (and a healthy dose of creativity!) to make products and communications more engaging. We focus at the intersection of wellness and technology.


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