A Blessing to those in Need of Third-Party Reproduction and Family Building Options [Interview][Transcript]


Guest: Eloise Drane
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Eloise Drane, founder of Family Inceptions International, is a pioneer and relentless advocate of family reproduction. She began her journey in 1999 as an egg donor, and continued as a gestational surrogate – three times. Eloise found such fulfillment giving the gift of life that she began working for agencies to develop programs that allowed egg donors to travel abroad.
After earning her MBA, Eloise established Family Inceptions International with the belief that everyone – regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation, or creed – deserves the opportunity to create a family.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, Family Inceptions International founder Eloise Drane is here to share great insights about their unique agency offering inspired solutions to its clients. FII has made groundbreaking advancements with the installment of Reproductive Tourism. Facilitating cross-border reproduction arrangements extends the possibility for clients to complete their surrogacy or egg donation journeys either domestically or internationally to India, Mexico, Greece, and Barbados. FII is fully committed to helping clients realize their vision of starting or adding to their family.


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Family Inceptions International

Wayne Bucklar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio, my name is Wayne Bucklar. My guest today is Eloise Drane, Founder and CEO of Family Inceptions International and Eloise joins us from Georgia in the USA. Welcome to Health Professional Radio Eloise.

Eloise Drane: Thank you for having me.

W: It’s my pleasure. Now tell us what it is that Family Inceptions does?

E: So Family Inceptions assist couples that are going through infertility or interested in the working with gestational surrogate or egg donors to have a child.

W: I see. Now you’re not a clinician but you provide a service in this space.

E: Correct. So we don’t were, as you said we’re not clinicians, we don’t do any medical screening or testing or anything in that nature but we are the conduit between the intended parents and the surrogates and donors and of course we work with all the professionals to make sure that the process goes smoothly.

W: And Eloise what’s the geographical footprint that you service? You’re not just restricted to the US, are you?

E: No. I work with intended parents as well as professionals probably all over the world and I’ve had many clients that have come from just about everywhere to do surrogacy in either the States or in various countries that I also work in India, Mexico, Greece, Nepal. Unfortunately Australia is one of the countries that does not allow for commercial surrogacy.

W: Yup.

E: And or commercial egg donation. So even though there are infertility clinic in Australia, it’s unfortunate that for many intended parents they have to really leave the country to find services elsewhere because it’s not allowed in Australia.

W: Okay. Now I see on your website, you have listed “fertility tourism.” How’s that that work?

E: So fertility tourism is pretty much when somebody lives outside of the country by which they are going to commission surrogacy for. So that means that the intended parents might say for instance come from somewhere in Australia and they may come to the United States to commission for surrogacy or egg donation, that’s what fertility tourism is.

W: I see. And you also say “Family Building Consultancy.”

E: Uh huh, sure. So for many people, they quite frankly is “Where do you start?” “What do you do?” So one of the things that we do offer is kind of just giving them guidance of you know finding out what their situation is, kind of getting a bit of them background and then helping them determine where would be the best option for them to help them have a family.

W: Now, Eloise many of our listeners are clinicians normally working in acute care so working in hospitals, doctors, nurses, allied health professionals. What message would you like them to take away from our chat today?

E: Well for many, when they have patients that come in and might have issues with infertility, it is different in all parts of the country. But what many people don’t realize that infertility is a “disease,” it is not just as simple as “Well they can’t have a children, no big deal.” Infertility really is truly a disease and for the majority of people that commission for surrogacy and or even egg donation, they have a medical issue. And so for many of the health professionals, the biggest thing for them as well is “Well I have this patient that has these issues but I don’t know how to help them. I don’t know where to go to assist them or what information I need to provide.” And so that is what we are here for, we kind of can guide whomever regardless of whether it’s a professional or intended parents and kind of give them some knowledge of what they need to either provide to the patient so that the patient can move forward with whatever they are doing or of course speak to the patients themselves.

W: Now am I correct in assuming that there’s no need for formal referral to you? That people can contact you and self-refer to your service?

E: Correct. That’s absolutely correct. Uh huh.

W: Is the website the best way for people to get in touch to you Eloise?

E: It is.

W: And that’s www.familyinceptions.com

W: Correct.

E: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio. My name is Wayne Bucklar. I’m in conversation with Eloise Drane, the founder and CEO of Family Inceptions International in Georgia in the US but also an organization that has a global footprint and we just mentioned the website so I’ll mention it again it’s www.familyinception.com. Now Eloise my favorite question in every interview I do, in every industry there are misconceptions, there are a patients and clients and customers who have a misconception about your industry. What’s the biggest misconception that drives you nuts and keeps you awake at night?

E: Oh gosh, there’s many.

W: (laugh)

E: First being as I mentioned before “infertility is a disease.”

W: Yes.

E: And I think once people start realizing that, they will look at things differently. Second, for women that choose to become surrogates and or even egg donors – a lot of people feel that they’re being exploited. That is not the case, I have been personally myself a gestational surrogate three times – there were twins and two single… and I’ve also been an egg donor as well. I am an educated woman and I did it out of choice. I felt that it was something that I was supposed to do and I wanted to give back and help somebody. And so for many surrogates, it’s the same thing. They choose to be surrogates not because they see a dollar sign, because quite frankly being pregnant for nine months and carrying somebody else’s child and going thru everything that you have to go thru in pregnancy, there’s really no amount of money that would be sufficient. And it is not where surrogates are being exploited. Now there are some countries where some surrogates are not treated very well, however there are a lot of clinics that do exceptional work even in those countries and they take very well care of their surrogates as well as egg donors.

W: I see, thank you Eloise. With a little bit of luck, we’ll be able to dispel some of this misconception as a result having this chat with you now. If you just joined us, I’ve been in conversation with Eloise Drane founder and CEO of Family Inceptions International from Georgia in the US. The website is www.familyinception.com. And Family Inceptions is an organization that offers third party reproductive services including egg donation, gestational surrogacy, fertility tourism and family building consultancy. If this is the type that gives interest to you, there’s no need for a formal referral process. You can head straight off the website at www.familyinception.com. If you’ve missed our conversation, the good news is we have a transcript of this interview on our website at www.hpr.fm and you can also listen to the audio archive on our website and on YouTube. Eloise, thank you for being with us tonight it’s been a pleasure talking to you.

E: Well thank you so much I appreciate it.

W: This is Wayne Bucklar for Health Professional Radio.

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