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dr chris shade

Guest: Dr. Chris Shade
Presenter: Wayne Bucklar
Guest Bio: Dr Shade is a globally recognised expert on mercury and liposomal delivery systems. He has lectured and trained doctors in the U.S. and internationally on the subject of mercury, heavy metals and the human detoxification system. Dr Shade’s current focus is on the development of cutting-edge, lipid-based delivery systems for nutraceuticals, such as liposomes and micro-emulsion systems to address the growing need of high quality, affordable detoxification solutions. Dr Shade has a diverse spectrum of interests and experiences, ranging from traditional Scottish stone masonry and geology to open-ocean sailing and marine chemistry. This diversity is the key to harmonising theoretical development and practical application for true alchemical solutions.

Segment overview: In today’s Health Supplier Segment, we are joined by Dr Chris Shade to talk about the launch of FX Medicine. This is a new , innovative health research and information portal for healthcare professionals and patients, which will be live from mid-November. FX Medicine is a gateway to evidence-based complementary and integrative medicine. They believe that there is an abundance of research and therapeutic innovation which is often ignored or dismissed. Its mission is to bring together education, research news and stories to create an online reference for those seeking evidence-based information associated with natural-based therapies.


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Wanye Buckar: You’re listening to Health Professional Radio with Wayne Bucklar. My guest today is Dr. Chris Shade who is the Founder of Quicksilver Scientific in Colorado and joins us today from Sydney where he is visiting shortly to run a series of seminars and to launch a portal. We’ll get him to tell us all about that. Welcome to Health Professional Radio, Chris.

Dr. Chris Shade: Thank you Wayne, happy to be here with you.

W: Now Chris you’re here to do a series of seminar based on your I guess your area of expertise which I understand is heavy metals?

S: Yeah, that’s really where I started my game. I got my PhD in environmental mercury chemistry and developed and patented some systems for testing small amounts of different forms of metals. And as soon as I’ve finished that up, I applied them in to clinical metal toxicology, started Quicksilver to do a very sophisticated test to panel using what we call “mercury speciation,” which is a separation of different forms of mercury. And so that’s how I got my entrance into the clinical world. And then of course everybody knows that once you point out a problem, you’ve got to solve it.

W: (Giggle)

S: And we started getting into developing detoxification strategies for mercury and other heavy metals. And that included development of liposomal deliveries of nutrients. And that’s actually what brings me here is to lecture for BioCeuticals and release a set of six products in liposomal delivery format, most of these are detoxification products.

W: This liposomal delivery’s quite new itself, isn’t it?

S: Yes, it is. You know the concept actually started in the late 60’s, and then it was applied in the cosmetics in the 70’s and 80’s and then they got better at doing it. And pharmaceutical companies started picking up to the 90’s and 2000’s. And it’s now made its way into the nutraceutical world, originally in the kind a cruder forms. But we’ve brought the pharmaceutical model for making liposomes into nutraceuticals, and I’d like to say that it delivers on the promise of the nutraceutical. And now you probably know what I mean, all these studies we saw before these nutraceuticals come out like Resveratrol. And everything it was gonna do for us and make us young. And it often doesn’t live up to that original promise because of the failure to be delivered. But the liposome is something that’s able to deliver on some of those promises by getting high delivery into the blood through an oral sublingual delivery of nano liposomes.

W: Yeah, I think it’s intriguing the way that delivery mechanisms work, every time I’m chatting to someone about it I’m impressed with the technology behind it. So you’ve got a new range of detoxification agents being delivered through liposomal delivery?

S: Yes, we do. In the States that’s what was a bread and butter really, we do our metal detoxification through up regulating glutathione system, which means of course we have to get glutathione in there which does not absorb across the GI tract normally. And so the liposome is a way to short circuit that and get some right into the blood. But then we also have to up regulate different aspects of the enzyme system around glutathione and the transport proteins around glutathione. And so there is other nutraceuticals like “lipoic acid” that we also bring in liposomal delivery. And then for Bioceuticals we rounded that out with a metal b12, vitamin D, and CoQ10. And the CoQ10 is quite, I mean they’re all very exciting, but the funnest part is something like CoQ10 were people take capsules of CoQ10, and they never feel anything.

W: Uh huh.

S: They maybe taking 300, 500 milligrams of CoQ10. And it’s not like 40 minutes later like “Wow I’m re-energized.” But when you take this into orally delivered nano liposomes of Coq10, you feel it very distinctly. Neurologically, you’re very bright very aware, your energetics come up at the whole body. So it’s really nice to feel these things that we’re paying for.

W: Yes that’s nothing works quite as well as being able to take a medication and go “Oh I can feel it working.”

S: Exactly.

W: That’s what you need. Now Chris how common is the problem with heavy metal contamination around the world, and if you have data in Australia?

S: You know Australia was a little harder to pull up data, a lot of the studies, there’s a lot of studies in New Zealand where the fish have quite a bit mercury, there’s a lot of studies through Europe and the US, in Canada. And I didn’t find as many documenting levels in Australia. And unfortunately, the Australian government is kind of like “Nope, there’s no mercury there. Nope, look the other way.” And so it didn’t address the presence of mercury in the fish. And it’s not that a lot of people think “Oh my god I can’t eat any fish because of the mercury.” And of course health officials then worry about getting enough consumption of protein and omega 3s especially during pregnancy. And it’s not like all fish has the same amount of mercury. It’s very much you can make good decisions where you can get fish with high amounts of omega 3s and low amount of mercury. And it’s better that the government address it that way rather than putting your head in the sand. And they seem to have done that here a little bit so your exposure to mercury in Australia is gonna come from your fish and from your dental amalgams – those are the two sources that we really still have worldwide, at least in the first world countries. Second world countries, the third world countries – we sent most of the mercury containing vaccines off to the third world countries and they’re giving them now to the kids so they have that exposure, plus there’s a lot of artisanal mining in South America and Africa that also have mercury issues. But here in Australia, you’ve got the dental amalgams and you’ve got the fish. Now dental amalgams used to be at situation where about 3 quarters are more of the population had dental amalgams in the US, I’m sure it’s the same in Australia. Now as dentistry becomes a little more progressive and they’re very slow to become progressive, but it’s mostly because of aesthetics people will start to demand the white fillings instead of the silver fillings. And so now there is lowering of how many amalgams fillings are being placed. In the US it’s down to about 50% of the fillings being placed. And most of those are on government assisted, so if you’re a Medicaid patient then you’ll be getting amalgam only. So in the state like Australia where you have a public health care system, you’re goanna be actually more likely to get the dental amalgam and I don’t know exactly how it is you’re maybe have to pay a little bit more to get the white. But there is more of the composite ceramic fillings available now and so you’ll see less and less of the mercury in amalgam. And you guys have a lot of tuna here, don’t you?

W: Yes, yes in the southern fisheries.

S: Yeah, the tuna is higher mercury fish. The high mercury fish tend to be large fish that swim very actively to get their food. And so shark is the top of the food chain literally and in the mercury sense it’s above of the food chain – highest level. Swordfish is second behind that, and then your large tuna coming in behind that. And so if you just make good decisions, I often recommend salmon especially smaller salmon. You get a lot of good oils, you get natural vitamin D, vitamin A … that’s a good way to go. And if you want to have almost no mercury, and eat a lot of fish well then go all the way down and eat things like sardines and anchovies and kippers and then you’re totally safe.

W: My guest today is Dr. Chris Shade whose the Founder of Quicksilver Scientific in Colorado. And he is in Australia to run a series of seminars around his specialty which is heavy metal detoxification. Chris I understand that you’re also launching a new portal while you’re here – FX Medicine?

S: Yes, it’s a very exciting time for Bioceuticals to get a nice portal, to get very accurate scientific information out to the practitioners about what different nutraceuticals do when to you used them and really get clarity to their dosing to the patients, because as I’m sure you’re well aware, one of the problems in the integrative medicine world is a widespread use of “Doctor Google.” And this patient comes in to you and they’ve got all this ideas in their head and about what’s wrong with them, and what to do about it. And so the practitioners these days need very accurate information to really fend off some of these mistaken ideas and also guide them towards a very accurate use of these different products.

W: Now I understand that that portal will be evidence based and aimed at practitioners.

S: Yeah exactly. Like I said, how do you get them armed with quality data about how all of these different products work, how to blend them and get that as scientific as possible. One of the challenges in this segment is that it’s not a pharmaceutical company. There’s not billions of dollars to do all this research and so you need these innovative approaches like wellness effects, to get as much scientific data together as possible on each of these products to guide the practitioners.

W: Chris it’s been a pleasure having you here with us today. For people who want more information, is there a website they can go to?

S: You can get a lot of educational information on detoxification from our website Quicksilver Scientific and it’s education sister Quicksilver Academy. And I believe the Bioceuticals website has some educational information as well. And in the area of holistic dentistry, there is an organization called IAOMT and you can go to iaomt.org and it is without parallel in the amount of researchers has on the detrimental effects of mercury and fluoride in dentistry. And it could point you towards holistic dentists that understand how to do safe dentistry and safe removal of amalgams.

W: Dr. Chris Shade founder of Quicksilver Scientific in Colorado, thank you for joining us today. I hope you have a wonderful time while you are in Australia.

S: Thank you very much Wayne.

W: If you just missed my conversation with Dr. Chris Shade, the good news is we have a transcript on our website. We also have an audio archive on YouTube and on SoundCloud. You can access all of those resources at www.hpr.fm. My name is Wayne Bucklar, you’re listening to Health Professional Radio.

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